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Happy Holidays, yo yo yo

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Sid told me some funny holiday name that, like, encompasses them all or something, but I went and forgot : P


I'll hopefully get a holiday-y pic done of the day today, the 25th. Will probably post it along with the other holiday pics I have yet to post on my forum, yo.


As far as a gift here... afraid I got nothin', though Neko is bound to be brimming with 'holiday cheer' at this point : P




Ah, what the hell. Here's something he sent me, so I'll save him the trouble of looking for it : P


(actually, never mind, possibly, since it looks like attachments still, don't, y'know... work. Oh well. It was the pic with Sonico, ehheh)

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Try attaching something else now that I've went back to the default skin, it just might be the "Gothic" skin was knackered.

Well, if it doesn't show up here then it must be something wrong on my end :P


(was gonna put something I actually found myself, but it has some... exposure. This should hopefully be more tolerable for some [read: Swordbearer, who has already vanished again])

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