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If you mix styrofoam with gasoline and orange juice concentrate you can make napalm?


That a turtle is nature's suction cup?


That road runners can float because they don't understand the law of gravity?


Cats can't smile?


An entire nuclear power plant can be replaced with a methane to electicity coverter and one fat guy eating beans?


That this post really doesn't belong in this forum?


Dogs are stupid?


CatDog was a horrible horrible tragedy of a show?


Movies are too short these days?


Mel Gibson has way too much time in the spotlight for not doing anything?


Books make great blunt objects?


Ice sucks to drive on?


Well...You should have been paying more attention then.

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There is a lovely thread for little outbursts such as these, yo.


I was originally going to make a joke at your expense, but that'd probably've been percieved as out-of-character and taken seriously, thus the preferred feeling of shock and amusement would actually be a feeling of shock and anger.


Anyway, yeah, I was under the impression that lampreys were nature's suction cups. A turtle is more like nature's speed-bump or soup bowl or helmet, which are all horrible things because...




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What the friggin' hell is that? I feel as though I've been violated on some intangible level.


Turtles are neat, though. 'Specially the alligator snapping turtle.


EDIT: Damnit, I was going to spite you by putting that grotesque image in my signature, but it looks like you thought ahead and put an image size limit on the thing. Foiled again.

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