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The Afterhub

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Wanna fly right to a fight? The Afterhub is here for your needs! Just click a link, and be whisked away to the battle of your choosing!


Phase 1

Gilgamesh VS The Architect

Max VS Kane

Max VS Heather

Kane VS Vaughn


Phase 2

Max VS Mebius

Gilgamesh VS Kane

Vaughn VS The Architect

Heather VS Vaughn


Phase 3

Mebius VS Vaughn

Max VS The Architect

Gilgamesh VS Heather

Kane VS Mebius


Phase 4

Heather VS The Architect

Max VS Vaughn

Heather VS Mebius

Special Guest Battle 1


Battles to be added to the Afterhub as they appear. Will more than the original sixteen crop up? Time will tell!

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