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The Afterbattles - Intro

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Thus had the battles ended, the spoils claimed by the stick victor. The stictor, perhaps. Yet, the battlers themselves remained, some mystified, some frustrated. Their concerns were eased by the voice that called out to them from the start, bringing to light that the places they dwelled prior remained as they were, some devoid of the fabricated dilemma that urged them forth, that once out of the Garden they could continue on as if all they had experienced within was no more than a daydream, a passing thought in the blink of an eye. They would not be held against their will, but the Garden desired much more than what had transpired. If they appeased it, perhaps they would learn more? Surely much could be gained from lingering a bit longer in a realm where death, no matter how brutal and messy, could be remedied more easily than a light scratch.


And so, after much muttering and deliberating that contained such gems as "hmm" and "erm", they all decided on what amounted to an "ah, what the hell" and chose to linger a bit longer in the Unknown Garden. Dispersed to rooms that appealed to their individual preferences and tastes, the battlers waited, soaking in the comfort they would be given before being sent off to battle again.


The Afterbattles.




Bit of an addendum, here, over the course of some of these fights it is to be assumed that anything that gets destroyed, altered, or is expendable (such as Vaughn's magic amplifier's and Mebius' MutaStone) is refreshed to its initial state for every new fight, much in the same way that defeated battlers come back. As an example, if Mebius' MutaStone gets diminished to 70 pounds in a fight, it will be back to 125 at the start of any other (which is the value indicated in his profile, though it is also mentioned that it was originally 150).

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