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I presonally dont like reacing games. But Burnout completely changes my perspective. This game is awesome. You get rewaeded to drive dangerously so you can get a boost. The crashes are beautiful and the game is just plain out racing fun. The graphics are great. When you get into a crash the glass praticals sprinkle all over the ground. The controls are very responsive making the game slightly less annoying. The only actually problem i found with the game is the veiw. If there were more than the 2 you were supplied it would have been better. But guess you have to deal with what you have. The music has some good and some bad. So it can go either way depending on your style of music. SO is this game actually worth the buy? Yes definately. Although the championship mode can be quite annoying this game is all out fun.





Replay: 10

Funfactor: 10

The Final Say:43

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Burnout is indeed a great game. Screaming through oncoming traffic at 100 miles an hour (or faster) is something I've wanted to do in a real racing game ever since I first played Toad's Turnpike in Reverse mode in Mario Kart 64.


The Burnout meter is great, and it comes off well--rewards for driving like a maniac is something I cuould use in other games. Like, um, Halo. Nobody drives a Warthog like me.


Anyhoo, if you liked Burnout, then Burnout 2 is gonna be another favorite. Not only does it include the race mode, but you can also play a mode where you intentionally plow into oncoming traffic, trying to rack up the largest amount of insurance costs possible. It's called "Crash Mode" or something like that.


On the XBOX version, you can even play whatever tues you have stored on your hard drive during the game. That's always a plus if you get tired of the soundtrack.


The gameplay is pretty responsive, the graphics are good, the soundtrack isn't bad, and the crashes are cool. Definitely a must-get... both games. :P

Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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