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The Afterbattles - Epilogue

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This is basically what happens in closing, yo, but it doesn't mean no more battles should be told! Just wanted to let ya'll know.






The battlers fought, and they fought, and they fought, and then they fought some more. Swords clashed, fists punched, bones broke, and limbs were severed. In the small time frame they were claimed to be offered, the battlers took part in fights that spanned the hundreds, all the while taking rests in between, enjoying leisurely chats and snacking on tasty treats to name only a few forms of recreation, then giving it all when they returned to the field of battle.


But it was not meant to last, and on the last day of their stay they were forbidden to fight and instead told to enjoy what remained of their time. They learned that not even the voice, the Goddess of the Garden, knew why the Unknown Garden existed. They learned that the Garden called to them because it moved through the dimensions, through the realities, to the times and spaces beyond, and that its next destination might be its last. Given that possibility, it wanted others to experience its wonders, its dangers. It wanted to be experienced by those that could handle its hazards and clash fiercely against one another. It wanted stories to be told that took place in and on it. That was all it really wanted.


And so, on their final day, the battlers relaxed and regaled. They reminisced of fights not only had on the Unknown Garden, but beyond its walls as well, back where they dwelled and places they once traveled to. They partied and slept, and journeyed and built, the once treacherous Garden going peaceful, offering them calm. Though it was the last day, it lasted much longer, much like the time they were granted to fight. When the end did in fact approach, though, the battlers gave their farewells to one another and the Garden, along with its Goddess and all the others they met within it. They each did this in their own way before taking their leave, returning from whence they came.


And thus did the Unknown Garden go beyond their reach and vanish, leaving only the memories its battlers helped to create with it.

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