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terranigma - snes

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Another rpg many ppl probally havent heard of. But if you use an emulator (like me) its really worth the download. The story starts out where you live in the village in the center of the earth and you open this box. Then you fuck over the world then its your job to resurect it. So on your perilous journey to resurect the plants animals birds humans and the genius. The main character Ark has his weapon (a spear) and looks a helluva lot like chrono. He does his basic attack like a jab and a thousand jab attack with some jumping attacks thrown in the mix. The grapichs are rivaled to the mighty seiken detsus which are absolutley perfect. However as we have faced in many diffrent rpgs most of the enemies are color swaped. The music could have been alot better in which about 80 diffrent places have the same music.The controls are still a bit off making jumping attacks pretty hard. However all in all its still pretty good yet only really fun the firt time you play through. So for all you emulator users out there try to dl this asap. Cherryroms.com is a pretty good site to dl it from. And the best part you learn while you play!!!!


Control: 8

Graphics: 10

Sound: 6

Replay: -2

Funfactor: 8

The final say: 30

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Yes, for some reason Terranigma was only a PAL release AKA teh Wurope. Lotta good it di there. I think it would've been a final fantasy killer if it came out here, because the closet thing to it was Secret of Mana, and the main char for that looked like a pansy.


On the graphics remark: Yes, it does have pretty decent graphics. I'd say a bit lower then Chrono Trigger, but a bit better then Secret of mana. I wouldn't go so far as to say Seiken Desetsu 3 though. That is what you ment, Seiken Desetsu 3, right? Because Seiken Desetsu 1 had ass for graphics :P


On the Chrono Triger remark: Of course ark looks a lot like chrono. Due to some translation eroors, they accidently renamed chrono ark! How they did this when Terranigma was the sequal to Chrono Trigger, I have no Idea. But seriously, Terra makes a much better CT sequal then, I don't know, Chrono Cross.


But since I haven't beaten the game, I won't make a ful lreview. But yeah, it is pretty good. Oh, and Seph? You've played Terranigma several times through, so I would think it warrents a better Replay grade :P.

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Y'know, Glitch, he seems to give about EVERYTHING a bad Replay grade... and then you correct him, saying he's played it several times over. So... I dunno. Maybe that's some part of his rating system that needs tweaking.


But yeah, Terranigma good, not beaten much yet, can't formulate worthwhile opinion, have a nice day.

The Insane Space Hunter

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