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Marathon RED - Okay, so it's not entirely NEW...

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Ian McConville, the artist behind Mac Hall Comics, made a mod (for lack of a better term) for Bungie's Marathon Infinity. It's not just different monsters, weapons, or physics, it's like a whole new game.


This might be completely meaningless to some, in that it only came out on the Macintosh platform, but hey, at least Glitch should get a kick out of this.


For starters, the spandex-wearing marines we know and love are now big-time battle-armored ass-kickers with weapons to match. Your napalm unit is now a largish pistol with a shorter range and the ability to eject its canisters to produce a fireball of doom. Your 8-shot .44 Magnum is gone... in its place is a .33 automatic pistol that will empty it's 90-round clip in 6 seconds. There's even a fusion mace, should you be interested in busting a few heads the old fashioned way.


The graphics are wonderful... the marines kick ass, all the terminal picts are drawn beautifully, there's bald scientists, the guns are kickin', and even Ian himself makes an appearance. You can actually even talk to people, too... a unique programming method, considering all you could originally tlak to was terminals.


I'm not sure how exactly he accomplished it, but you can. :P


New enemies abound. The Pfhor remain, but there's also flying bug things, screaming cat things that will run faster than you can track them and rip your face off, and lot of other nasties to blast with your new toys. He even included a net level that bears a striking resemblance to an actual street in an actual modern-day city. Yeah, it's like barbecuing your friends in the park down the street. Included in the level are pop machines, benches, and pay phones. I doubt you can blow them up, but damned if they don't add to the realism.


Get it. Right now. It'll take a while to download, but it's worth it.


And have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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Hey, were you on Marathon.bungie.org by any chance today? Because they had an update mentioning RED and Machall and ECT.


But yeah, RED is a great game. I had it for a long while quite a long while ago, but due to space constrants (fucking 6gig iMac drives), I had to delete it.


I might check it out again. Too bad it's not compatible with Aleph One. If I remeber correctly, RED uses a customized Marathon Infinity application, right?


Well... Yeah :P

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Yeah, I saw that update. I found out about it while reading MacHall, so it was even more interesting.


Anyhoo, it *is* compatible with Aleph One, more or less. If you made your own sounds, physics, and shapes files and used them in Aleph One, that's what it's like. Everything works just fine, but not quite the way it was intended.


What I mean by that is that you can set Aleph One to use the RED Shapes file, and everything looks right--except it doesn't display your weapon's ammo correctly, and it still calls it by its Infinity name. Which means that the Alien Weapon is now the Fusion Mace, the MA-75B is the Conch Miner, and so on.


The physics work just fine. As do the sounds and map. So, you can play RED with Aleph One just fine... except that your weapon won't be named correctly and your ammo won't quite display right. But it's still kick-arse. The right PICTURE of the weapon will still display in your HUD, though.


Actually, let me correct myself... the Version 3 Pulse Rifle shows its ammo correctly, and I *think* that the Nimble 3 Omega does, too, but don't hold me to that. It shows how much overall energy you have left in the thing because it's got the same ammo graphic as the old TOZT napalm launcher, anyway. Nothing else does... not quite.


Also, I said in my earlier post that the Mercury .33 automatic pistol would empty its 90-round clip in 6 seconds. Well, it's actually more like eight--I was really bored last night. Still...


So yeah, grab this if you can, it works with Aleph One damn well good enough. :P And hey, anybody on a WinDoze copy of Aleph One might be able to unzip the thing and play it... I have no idea how the Windows Marathon Infinity files are put together. Still, I'd give it a shot... even if it's just for Aleph One. I mean, playing Marathon. On Windows. And over the Internet. How can you go wrong?


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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