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Chrono Trigger - Snes

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Ahh good old post 99. That mean Chrono Cross is coming up. On a little note if i dont post in the next day or two it means im vigurosly working my ass of to get the chrono cross review up so dont fear im still here and as promised here is the much better chrono trigger review.


Now this is what Rpg's are made of . Every thing is perfect about this game graphics, and the whole package. Upon first playing your prompted to go to a fair get thrown in a time portal and save the world from destruction you know the basics for your average hero. Everything Chrono Trigger does makes it look great even if it encludes an attack where a monkey throws its crap at you. It would still look good. Apparently Chrono Trigger was created before SquareSoft got its insane idea to try to take over the world and just wanted to give their gamers delight. (Check out the squaresofts plot to take over the world). You are slewn with only a small handful of character (not the 3.2 billion in chrono cross) Which makes everything more manageble. Shalla stoll look cool and the main character has a sword. The eye candy that chrono trigger offers is beyond perfect for its time but still the main character is completely mute because a cat probally slashed his adams apple out so he cant make noises only shaking his head. The music fits every area making the sad parts sad and happy parts happy no confusion.And the mutilpe ending gives you many hours of play. So if you can once again im recommending that you either buy it or download the rom.


Graphics: 10







Ok ok after some influence i decided to change it so there 50 perfect fucking score happy now




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9 in Fun Factor, Seph? How'd you manage that one? I mean, sure, it's a pretty standard act-meter RPG battle system, but in this one, you don't suddenly switch to some mock-up place that doesn't really exist where you are for the battle scene. Plus, you can avoid enemies instead of fighting them, at least sometimes. Lots of fun.


And the combo attacks... wonderful, WONDERFUL idea. The whole thing is also menu-driven for simplicity.


I mean, jeez. The game is both a gem to look at and a chemical high (without the use of said chemicals) to play! It deserves the extra point for an even 50 and a perfect score! :P


(don't mind my petitioning, just fix the score. :P j/k)


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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Yeah seph, why deny it? Crono Trigger is the perfect game.





Yeah, not a whole lot to review on myt own here. I agree with what Seph says...

I mean, it has stunning graphics, a fantastic musical score, a great and fairly cohesive plot, considering it *is* an RPG. It's fun to play, it has a beutifully crafted battle system... a variant of the ATB.


Oh yeah, NO RANDOM ENCOUNTERS. Let me repeat that.






Oh, it features New Game Plus, and has multiple different endings. So w007.


And yeah, it has crono, one of the cooler video game heros out there. I mean, serge was a pussy. He was teh wiped by leena. The only time Crono was cooler was in the oft overlooked sequel to CT, Terranigma. But he talks in that one.


To save time, I'll just say 50.



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