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Debate time - ha ha more freaken game questions

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Alright im just gonna go on with this i got a hunch with it.


But for our debate which game deserves a sequal to it?


Honestly i think Phantasy Star should get a nice sequal not that online. If they put there time in they can come up with something good. And plus i would be nice to get to see just one of the phantasy star thats not pay per play. So what do you ppl think

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Sega will still do more PS Online since they are doing an "invisible" product with it (See the book "The Way of the Weasle", by Scott Adams) and some teams of Sega doesn't care about quality games "production" (crap or ports) because they have a stupid marketing department (see previous book). In other words, some teams (including the idiots for Phantasy star, but not AV) needs to shake up their works before thinking about doing good stuff.


With many hints in their last few original Megaman games, Zero will be activated soon and .... I can't wait for them to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for many years for the end!! (and now I'm also waiting for MMX to end too)



Opinion on topic:



-Secret of mana

-Chrono Trigger (not the stupid Cross, I want almost the same team as before and they can do it now with Square/Enix because a specific kickass artist who made CT was with Enix)( and THE PLANET CREATED THE GATES!!!!!!!!!!!)

-Maniac Mansion

-The legend of mystical ninja (so funny)

-Sam and Max (OK, they are already doing it but I just want to remind you that it's there)

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Chrono Trigger kinda completely closed out an option for a sequal for thier original team. And starcraft is coming out with a sequal. Well actually 2 One is starcraft ghost and they are in the process of making starcraft 2.


Just a few more to throw out there


Ico It was an awesome game stroy wise but the ending closed it up so i guess thats out.


Power stone 2 I absoluely loved this game great for the parties and if capcom can get thier heads out of thier asses and start listing to what the gamers want they could make a game that would sell well. And i swear cacom loves these 2 things in games. 1. they try to kill a series with multiple sequals i.e. resident evil. 2. Cheap shots i swear capcom is the king of cheap shots. If youve play power stone 2 or resident evil: code veronica you know what im talking about.

And finally Jet Grind Radio. Well it has a sequal but theres alot of problems with it like. Its on the xbox, theres no such thing as gravity in their world and its on the xbox. I swear i sony bought the rights to make Jet Grind Radio (i will not utter its name) i swear it would be alot better. Also for the gamecube i would be perfect there. The controler and all. But im babbaling on but yeah if Jet Grind Radio came out for the cube. I swear upon the laws of gaming it would be pimp.

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I think Metal Gear solid had a really detailed polot, even if it was horribly convulted. I don't know, most games have crap as far as story goes, if you really look at it.


Most complicated story would be 7, because that game just fucked with your head.


Simplist, FF9. Zidane and pals enter town. Monarchy invades. Town is destroyed. Zidane and pals go to another town. repeat until the last battle.

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Ok megaman battle network i really can't say so. But a few good ones are

Star Ocean its just worth playing

077 Goldeneye based off the kick ass move

Final Fantasy Tactics hard to explain but keeps you guessing somewhat and complexed

Silent Hill it just gets more and more fucked up

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