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SoulCalibur II (GCN) - The legend never dies

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Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords. Eternally retold.


Ahh...It's nice to hear those words coming from a console I actually OWN again (goddamn Namco and SC1 for DreamCast only). So what's good and bad about the third installment of SoulEdge? Glad you axed.


Graphics: Gotta start here becuase I just gotta. Well simply put they blew me the fuck away. All the characters look phenominal with the exception of Link, who looks a bit too feminine for Link. When I talked about DOA2 I used to get hammered because of the "jiggle factor" being stupid. FUCK YOU! I'm a horny 25-year old guy and I LOVE "jiggle factors". One plus to SC2's is that it's more realistic than DOA2...well because the characters are more realistic. I just wish there were more "fan-service" features. I also have a MAJOR issue over Link's 4th costume? Pinky-purpley? WHAT THE FUCK? Why not fucking ONI-LINK?!


Gameplay: SC2 doesn't have a steep learning curve like a Tekken or SoulEdge. Basically any shlump can pick up the controller and kick your ass...well that is IF YOU haven't learned all the specials & combos yet. I like the EXTRA modes, but wish they weren't EXTRAs. Weapon Master Mode is basically the same as always, fight in different scenarios to win crap. I do terribly HATE the dungeon scenarios...they're just tedious and get on my nerves with the endless stream of fights, ESPECIALLY the all-Breserker dungeon. Another annoyance is that fucking INFERNO (SoulEdge) is the final boss for yet a THIRD time! Jeez, give him a break. Normally he's playable but I guess with Necrid & Charade BOTH using everybody's weapons, they make up for it.


Characters: I'm NOT impressed with Necrid OR Charade. Everybody else is fine, though Talim COULD have been older ;), and Link could have been less womanly. If I could replace any characters they would be, Breserker, Assassin, Charade, and Necrid...and they'd be replaced with Gannondorf, Sheik, Inferno, and another grrl. (I like Taki :whatever: ) Overall, some of the newer characters are nothing really new. Oh and doesn't Voldo's third costume remind you of something out of HELLRAISER? :wiggle:


Music: I can only say this..."LEGEND OF ZELDA" BAYBEE! I love the SC2 version of the theme! The rest of the music is good, though I wish SC2 also had the hard rockin KHAN Super Sessions like SE did.


Stages: WAY TOO REPETATIVE. The stages are just way to repetatiave for my taste. Oh sure the EXTRA stages have multiple styles to select, but it's still the same goddamn stage! Play though Weapon Master Mode and you too will see what I mean. Don't get me wrong the stage designs are fucking awesome, though I would include some break-though points as well. :wiggle:


Sound: The effects are OKAY. I mean REALLY, they sound like cheesy Kung-Fu movie effects. They worked in SoulEdge because the game played like a cheesy Kung-Fu movie. I also tend to find the English voice cast kind of annoying, as they SOUND like they're reading from a script. Another annoyance is the lip-synching...IT DOESN'T. You have the characters grinding their teeth while making a "mmm" sound...WTF?


THE LOWDOWN: Despite all of the crap that annoys me in the game, it's still the best damn fighting game PERIOD. The only thing you'll probably find is that once you've unlocked all 88 features & all the weapons, you get a sense of "been there, done that" when playing in 1P.


Graphics: 5/5

Gameplay: 4/5

Sound: 4/5

Replay Value: 2/5 (1P) & 5/5 (2P)


Final Score: WOOT!

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