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Earthbound - One extremely weird RPG.

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Since this forum is all new and stuff, I decided to post some poo. Anyways, has anyone here aside from myself ever play the game? I've started playing it again since I was bored so I just wondered if anyone else has it and what they think of it.

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It's a leat nittle... er... damn Spoonerisms!


It's a neat little mother of a game... and yes, the pun is intentional. I've indeed played it before and got to roughly the point where you're in the first town, beating up a gang of thugs on the streets with your teeball bat before moving on to Brainlord and some freakin' time-travel game with alchemy... I don't finish too many RPGs, admittedly.


Still, it's a cool game, and it's unique. Instead of being another in a long, long line of 978,000 fantasy/sci-fi hybrid RPGs (*cough*Final Fantasy*cough*), you got to play as a kid. With a dog. And a tee-ball bat. Not that Cid wouldn't have spiced it up a bit, but you know how it is.


SimBen hated it, though. DO NOT get him started. ;P


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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eah, well simben hates his own shadow. And those swarthy gypsys.


But to the point, EarthBound is one kick arse example of nintendo doing the right thing in a very wierd way. I enjoyed it.... up to the point in the desert. Then I got bored and stop playing. Although it _would_ be funny to say it was to go play FF8, alas, I did not have the game when I first play EB.


If I'd have to take anything way from EB, it would have to be battles. Sure, we've all seen the whole "good sprites versus bad sprites" deal pioneered by, oh, pong or something, btu EB is mysteriously lacking it for this kinda wierd menu versus immobible mass of pixils.


Eh. I'd ought to go play it again. Maybe it'll give me the strength I need to divew into Final Fantasy Origins...




- Square.

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