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The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

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Yeah its that old game for psx and why am i talking about it cause its a great game. Honestly even though its a short game its still better that megaman legends 2 with those stupid statis effects like smelling real bad. This game is great plain and simple. And the best part is the serve bots.(like picking your fav to go to the casino and lose all of your zenny.) So if you don't have the game go get it.


Right now


This instant

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I just realized that i never put up my final say for this game so here it is.


Control: 7

Graphics: 8

Sound: 9

Replay: 4

Funfactor: 8

The final say: 36


The only reason it has a low replay is cause of the fucking puzzle missions.

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Yeah, I've wanted to get that game when I heard there's a character named Glyde in it, mainly because there's also a Glyde in the Battle Network series.


Smelling real bad? Heh, sounds funny. Sounds like something from Earthbound though. You can get nausea in that game, as in the characters, not you the player :P

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