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Silent Hill 2

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When I first started this game i was hoping for the same shit in your pants scaryness. However upon playing Silent Hill 2 i was deeply disapointed.The story gose kinda like this. You are this guy maned james and you wife died four years ago. Suddenly he gets a letter from his wife telling him to go there and stuipidly he does. Then you must guide him through silent hill and blah blah blah. The game of course has its puzzles (most of which are completely pointless) and the storyline is just plain out weak. So the question asked is can a sequal be as good as the original. Star wars (the movies) proved yes they can be just as good mabey even better. But silent hill has just proved they can be all out crap. The graphics arre only slightly improved and i feel that the fmv's stilll look the same. Only this time theres real time shadowing ohh. The controls handle just like the first exept now thers a diffrent control style that i found to my liking. Still one problem remains the main caracter runs lime an all out retard and he does it slow on top of that. Your main weapon arsonal ranges from a board with a nail in it to a hunting rifle. The music which reall should improve the setting really didnt help too much with the scaryness. The only reason why you would actually play this crap of a game is to view the other endings which aare all ... how would i put this CRAP. So alll in all try to avoid this game stick with slient hill


Control: 8

Graphics: -6




The Final Say: -16

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I have to agree with Seph here. I haven't played it, but from what I've seen (mostly seph playing :P). the graphics are weak. I mean, everything is fogged out. It's suppose to be a feature, but it looks like a cheap trick to shorten loading times.


On that note, the FMVs do look pretty much the same quality as the ones in SH1, but that's really saying something for SH1.


Anyway, siunce I haven't played it myself, I cvan't say much about the fun factor, but it was less scarey. Which is kinda sad, because SH1 scared you for no reason :P I mean, it was a psx game...

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So the question asked is can a sequal be as good as the original. Star wars (the movies) proved yes they can be just as good mabey even better.

Yes, sequels can be as good as the original, as proven by Star Wars... but on the same hand, PREQUELS can also be absolutely rotten. :P


I've read reviews both positive and negative for this game (try GameFAQs' Silent Hill 2 Reviews page for examples), but it didn't look all that great to me. For mostly the same reasons already mentioned--the blur/fog effect and such.


I mean, I might (MIGHT) rent it sometime, just to be able to stand on my own two legs and formulate my own opinions, but I'm almost definitely not gonna buy it. It doesn't seem that it has enough of a replay value to warrant a purchase... maybe just a rental or two, though. Maybe.


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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Silent Hill 2 is now one of my favorite games.


Graphically it is ahead of its time and extremely scary, in a tense sort of what the fuck way, though, not an "AHHHGH WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???" way. The Cg looks the same as the PS1 version, though to be fair it is actually a bit better. really, they should have stayed all ingame, really, and put the sort of detail in those scenes that was put into SH3. Ingame graphics are wonderful, dispite my complaints above. The fog is a mainstay of the series, and plays a much smaller roll as the game goes on. Funny enough, my response is the one the developers were going for, which is to say that if I had been playing it I would have quickly overlooked that and realized that shit was going down.


The controls, just like all the silent hill games and really all Survial Horror games are confusing and frustrating at first, but after practice are definately something that you get used to. It helps the atmosphere a bit, but I'm not gonna wack the game off for freaking me out because I couldn't get out of the way of a giant fucking knife in time.

The controls are much better than SH1s, but that may just be a matter of responsivness , really.


Sound... awesome. Akira Yamaoka is a genius of sound and the music and sound in SH2 is definately indicative of that. great music, much of it ambiant, goes a long way towards bringing out the story and the situation. I want to say more, but without experiancing and appreciating it for yourself there's not much I can do.


There is a lot to do in SH2, multiple endings, in addition to hilarious 'gag' ending that are actually the only true tie between the SH games (barring SH4 but that one sucks anyway). There are several difficulties, both for action and puzzles, that give further extention to the life of the game still. The greatest hits version of the game also contains a bonus sub-scenario where the player takes control of Maria, resident

Pyramid Head bate of the game.


Pyramid Had is a fucking pimp, and if you don't like the game for anything else, like it for that zombie raping bastard, 'cause aint shit cooler than a dude with a triangle for a head. Great knife will scare the crap out of you and if you don't get freaked out a little when he starts humpin' stuff you're out of your mind.


The story, dispite what Joe says, is incredibly in depth. Me and him have had discussing for hours about it. needless to say, he's reversed his opinion somewhat about SH2, though it's still probably his least favorite (relatively).


At 10 bucks used, 20 new, it's a great deal.


Control: 6

Graphics: 8

Sound: 10

Replay: 5

Funfactor: 7

The Final Say: 36

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