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Solar Jetman - Search for the Golden Warp Ship

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Well, I think the title is like that. Anyway, this is an old NES game, and it was one of my favorites when I was a kid, even though I was pretty stupid back then and never cared about storylines (even though this game doesn't really have one). Anyways, this game is tough as it throws in all the laws of physics. You basically go from planet to planet picking up pieces of the "Golden War Ship" while blasting baddies and getting fuel for your Mother Ship. Between some planets you can make pit stops to stock up on goods and other stuff. My rating sorta thing on a 1-5 scale:


Sound/5: Pretty good, if you ask me. The sound your ship makes as it rockets about sounds very convincing, and the tractor beam also has a rather fitting tune.


Music/4: The music is rather hard to forget, but some planet's have irritating music, mostly the spiky ones from what I can remember.


Fun Factor/3: The game is pretty challenging, and it made me mad at times, so I wasn't always having fun :P


Gameplay/4: Moving your ship around is simple, but sometimes because of gravity and other such elements it can be hard to manuever at times.


Challenge/5: This game can become unbelievably difficult at times. Honestly, high gravity + bad shielding + being weighted down with a fuel tank + enemies shooting stuff at you from everywhere = some hard poo.


Replay Value/2: After I got done playing the game I was really happy at my achievement, since it had been almost 4 years since I last played it. In the end though I virtually got tired of the game, though I doubt I'd forget some of the stuff it has to offer in challenge.


Average Rating/4: A good game indeed, just make sure you have a lot of time and patience on your hands.

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