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Ico - i dont speak crazy bitch

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When first looking at the cover of the game you see Ico princess Yorda and the castle of inevitable doom the ico somehow escapes. Now you play the role of ico who guides around princess yorda. This get very annoying because she only knows how to speak crazy bitch and most of the time you need to grab her by the hand and run like all fuck becuase some shadow deamons want a peice of her. The weapons range from a measely 2 by 4 to swords and a mace. Wait those were the only weapons. The 2 by 4 was your main weapon through like 40% of the game and like all first weapons you could do more damage to a shadow creature by throwing your ps2 controller at them. A bounus is you can really only lose if the princess is captured or falling to your death (which is about 25 feet). The wired note is how you can light a bomb and have it explode in your face or you hands and you wont even have a scratch on you. A fun thing that i did was just lighting bombs and running into shadow creatures for an instant kill on them. But the grapichs are really nice and controls are perfect for the game. However the sounds are mainly birds chirping which your lovely princess will run over and start playing with them. The only really annoying part is fighting an enemy with the stick oh yeah and there the crazy bitch talk on top of that. Trying to kill an enemy with the stick will take fore-fucking-ever i spent at least 20 min trying to kill 3 shadow demons. But eventually i just grabed yorda and ran like all hell. But over all the games puzzles are all to basic. Such as pull the level to open the door and push the box to get yorda up. But all and all the game has a lot to offer and about 5-6 hours of gameplay and about 9-10 if you have no fucking clue what your doing (like me)


Control: 10

Graphics: 9

Sound: 5

Replay: -5

Fun Factor: -3

The final say: 16

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