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Playing this game actually became a chore after some odd 20 hr of playing. I liked the fact that you can completely build up towns. But there are still many things wrong with the game. First of all the graphics were very moderate and they really didnt help game play progress for me.The next problem i had was the weapon system. You need to constantly build up you weapons to get them to there final form. The problem with this is it becomes a tedious task just to level up on ability stat or element. Then comes the camera angle many many times i died because the camera decided to go behind a wall when i was fighting leaving my completely blind to whatever was out there about to rape me. However i did find a hilarious thing about one enemy. Whenever you hit it, it counterattacks with this spike coming out of the floor. The funny part is it honestly looks like its stabing yes stabing you with its penis. So i guess being impaled by a penis will make a game a greateat hit huh? Now for the the story line. The story line is horrible and just plain boring. But on a good note the only positive thing was the control. When you hit a button there was a quick response you say slash he slashes but most likely not in the direction you want. Then finally the sound and believe me its not the best. To put it simple the music was horrible and when ever a character attacked they made a small shout. I notice when i used Ruby (a geine in the game) it sounded like an invisible demon was using its tentical for a little leisure. So to sum it all up never touch this game. i did the horrible mistake of trying to like it but then it just pissed me off more.






Fun Factor:-10

The Final Say:-25

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