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The rebirth of press start

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Yes the title is very true ever since i came i feel i completely revived this wing. And i probally got ish to start posting up some more reviews and you to damnglitch. (Just trying to put me in my place) So yeah i guess me coming here i a good thing. And i plan to rule this wing. Muhahahahahahahahaha




Still need to come up with a saying here DAMNIT

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Well, you did appear right near the so called "birth" or PRESS START, so really, you didn't revive it all that much. But that's not to say you haven't done anything, I mean, most of the stuff in the forum is by you. And then wwith replies from me and ISH, mostly.


But yeah. Rule the wing. Do what you want, not mah forum :P


Side note: I am very tired. I am tryping this from inside my toaster.


Please send help.

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