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My need to read/watch list, or: - "damnit I need money"

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This is all useless, unless you go for this sort of thing... which you really shouldn't, but anyway on to the list!


#1 is definatly the rest of the Angel Sanctuary manga... http://www.omanga.net

Without a doubt my favorite Manga of all time... the anime would be too if it weren't so cheep... and short.


#2 would have to be excel vol 4 and whichever one ep 26 is on... My intrest is sooo peaked for that. On that note, I also want to read the original manga.


#3 NGE Manga... they say shinji is way different, so...


#4 The escaflowne TV series... I hear it's decent (mostly from ISH :) )


#5 Cutey Honey, 'nuff said


#6 Burn Up, same.


#7 _anything_ by clamp. seriously, I'd watch X.


#8 Gunsmith cats, manga and anime. I have like 5 manga, but the whole thing is like a billion... so...


#9 Any UC gundam series! I keep seeing little bits and chunks, so fudge.


#10 Nadisco.


#11 battle angel karumi


#12 ZOE


#13 No more, that's it... I'm sure there's more, but I don't want to think much more.



Waaaaazooooo and Booyaka!


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Moooore moooooooore Wahaha!


#13 Ranma 1/2, How could I forget you? Your the best!


#14 Trigun... Always say I weana get it, but never do


#15 (these are out of order now) Outlaw star, vol 2 and 3. springs. all I'm saying.


#16 Digi charat. I have nooo idea where to find this.


#17 Slayers, and all of it's sequals


#18 dead end again! I'll post more laaaaater!



wooooooo and booyaka,


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Yeah, Escaflowne is astonishing. And the characters take mind-bendingly sick turns as far as some things go... really, it's that good. Your mind will EXPLODE sometimes. It's that hard of a turn. Like rolling your SUV up a cylindrical tube raceway thing at 1300 kilometers per hour. Yeah, I'm talking to you, XG3. You know who you are. :P


Anyhoo, if you wanna check out the anime, try the movie first. It's, like, $22.95 at Best Buy (at least 'round Denver, where I am), instead of around $160 for the series. They tell a very similar story; in fact, one of the writers was quoted as saying that he was happy about being able to tell the story of 26 episodes in a two-hour movie... it's good stuff.


Oh, yeah... they'll probably have the Perfect Vision Movie Box Set (read: more expensive version with the bonus features and soundtrack) for $44.95 or so, which is what I got.


In any case, the movie is a good buy, it's a LOT chepaer than the series, and it'll give you a heads-up as to whether you'll like the series enough to shell out the big bucks to buy it or not. :P


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space :)

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ehehe, yeah, I've seen (read: bought) the movie. I thought it was set up kinda dumb, and the mecha battle was slow as a bitch. From the _very_ little i saw on TV, the seris looks way better. Every time I hear a review for it it's alwas "oh, the movies fine. The seris is great. Better. Actually, screaw the movie, get the series. DESIGN IS LAW!!!"


Or something.


So I'm gonna start collecting whenever i scrape together enough spare change.






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