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Festers Quest - nes

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Honestly i have no clue why i palyed this game. Festers quest is just plain out annyoing. Having beaten it im sadly t say that ive played this game. However the only funny part is when the opening intro you could say starts. I swear im gonna get a pic of it then post it here then after that put it on a shirt and run around screaming that aliens are attacking earth. Yes this is the enitre plot if there is any in the game. Aliens come to earth and fester the blob armed with his stick wand or what ever the fuck he has that launches projectiles at the aliens and kills them. The entire game just really really makes me sick.Basically its really fucking hard to mess up a 6 button controller so this is actually the only good thing. The music has nothing to do with whats going on and the action is all low tone. On top of that the grapics range from low grade to horrible for the nes making basically all the aliens frogs rats moon faces that launch flys and killer blobs that multiply like all fuck. I spent half an hour just killing one blob monster just to procced. To me this isnt fun. Festers Quest has nothing more to offer than annoyance if you plan on playing it in the future which i strongly recommend that you don't.


Grapics: -7

Sound: -9

Control: 10

Funfactor: -8

Replay: -10

The final say:-24

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I remember playing fester's quest, or watching someone play fester's quest. It didn't look all that great.


Actually, I seem to rember people likeing it more then a great deal of NES games availible at the time. But, one should rember that quality control on the NES was... ehem, shall we say, NON-FUCKING EXISTANT!


So yeah. Fuck, why the hell *are* you playing fester's quest. Go play FF1, or something.



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