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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - I ran so far away...

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"I walk along the avenue, I never thought I see a girl like you-ho."


Ladies and Gentlemen, "A Flock of Seaguls"!


Ah the 80's. A Miami-like city, Vice City. Fast cars, Fast women, and Fast cash.


I've only played GTA3 and GTA:VC, but I deem Vice City best of the 5 GTA games so far. You play as recently out of prision, Tommy Vercetti, and your old boss Sonny don't want you causing trouble. So Tommy gets sent to Vice City to make a drug deal which goes HORRIBLY wrong. Now Sonny wants his shit and his money and it's up to tommy to get them back.



You do missions for various crime bosses and business men in Vice City to get the skinny on who set you up. Eventually, Tommy decides the only way to find out what he wants to know and to keep other local crime syndicates out of his way is to completely TAKE OVER Vice City.


You get to by property to make money so you can buy more property. Among the must get properties are a Strip Club, a porno studio, a dance club, and a car dealership...among others. Now this is the PS2 version so there is no polygonal nakedness going on, all the naked chicks have g-strings and pasties, but then again the character models are not that great anyway. :po: (Want giggly good looking polygonal boobs, get DOA2 Hardcore or SoulCalibur II...mmm Taki...)


The voice acting is spot on and there are a lot of hillarious moments in the game, such as Tommy complaining about a giant shark in a porno flick he now owns, then promotes by dropping flyers all over the city, then by chaning a spot light to shine a giant pair of boobs (no pasties) on the side of a high rise :P! Then there commentary Tommy makes about the various people he meets.


What sets this game apart from GTA3 is AMBIENCE. The enitre 80's theme brings back memories of seeing GhostBusters when it was FIRST in theaters. :whatever: Also the music is good too.


It also has ads for a game console called the Degenatron, which is a parody of the Atari 2600. :banghead: (see links below)


Now all that aside, the game has MAJOR problems with pop-up and freezing. It's very common to be just walking around and all the sudden the road is gone (visually), same when entering buildings. As for lockups, there are times when the game just dies. Yeah, some missions take a long time to load (as does the game itself) but I'm talking total lock-up. But all in all, as long as you save often you'll be fine. The pop-up problem can be overlooked as it's always temporary.


Also one major annoyance...Racing missions. Hate them. You either are given a POS vehicle, or you get an insane course that snakes back on itself...also most races have a time limit where one crash WILL BREAK YOU. But then again, the controls are hit and miss. They're maddening at times and great at others. Most of the annoyance will come from the various vehicles. I know it's not my controller cuz I have 3.



Graphics: 7/10

The city itself is gorgeous in all it's 80s decadence, but I think that some polys could have been sacrificed to beef up the character models


Game Play: 8/10

The missions are fun until you are put into races. The later missions also have a humorous tone most cases like G-Spotlight.


Sound: 10/10

Voice acting is spot on. The tunes are the real deal, all from the decade of decadence itself. WildStyle (80s Rap) is not my fav, but I like it better than most modern rap. The talk stations always play ridiculous crap :smokin:. Vehicles sound good, and the Ice Cream truck's melody will drive you insane like the real thing.


Control: 4/10

For the most part the controlls are going to get you through the game. There are going to be times for some reason that the PS2 controller will not respond. Also the vehicles are hit and miss, some are tight and responsive, some will have you sliding all over the place and dying often.


Nostalgia: 1980/2000

Okay, not a real rating, but hell...I like the 80s.


Replay: 8/10

You'll get a lot of replay value if you just like venting your evil agressiveness on unsuspecting polygonal masses. The missions are mostly fun. And hell, hanging out in the Strip Club is fun too even if the girls aren't PlayBoy quality polygons.




Overall: 7/10

It's a fun game that has a few quriks and some wonky controlls at times, but you you won't be running so far away.




Grand Theft Auto - Vice City | http://www.rockstargames.com/vicecity

The official site.


Kent Paul's 80s Nostalgia Zone | http://www.kentpaul.com

Kent Paul is also a character in the game...go figure.


Degenatron Emuation | http://www.degenatron.com

Emulates in Flash all 3 wonderful games from the non-existant Degenatron!


Vice City Radio | http://www.vicecityradio.com

Epic Record's site for the official Soundtrack.




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