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Up and coming games - Something foreward to look for .. mayb

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Ok just a list of some up coming games if you guys want post em up here. Juts remeber to include the release date and the system their for k. Everything set. oh yeah and thee genere if you want too. And ill be updating this monthly.


Fable xbox rpg 2004

jak 2 ps2 platform fall

final fantasy XI pc ps2 online rpg winter

(pc) first qurater of 2004(ps2)

Final Fantasy X-2 ps2 (duh) rpg November 3

True Fantasy Live xbox online rpg tba

Resident Evil Outbreak Ps2 survial horror single player multi player via broadband winter

True Crime:Streets of la ps2 xbox gc 1 player action racing september 16

Pikmin 2 gc 1/2 strategy october 27

Star Ocean: Till the end of time ps2 rpg spring 2004

Unreal Tournament pc 1 player action/multiplayer fall


Thats all for now ill get more up tomarow or when ever.

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It is far more important than all of those games combined.


It is coming out sometime in August. I don't remember the exact day (and odds are it won't be released on that day).


***Well, maybe not. You do have SO3 in there and that's a pretty important game.




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