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Wild Arms 3 - Ps2

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For RPG's you there need to be certain rule to making them. Like if its a long game make sure it doesn't have shitty graphics. This is the main case for Wild ARMS 3. That and it obseses over memories later in the game.


When looking at the entire game of Wild ARMS 3 there are alot of pluses going for it and then you are reminder constantly with the horrible shitty graphics. I mean seriously this is what happens when cell shading goes completly horribly worng. If you look carefully at a close up of any person and the camera moves you can see the textures in the character move too. You will notice this about half way through the game which would be equivalnt to 2 weeks.


The musical score are fairly niceand all bringing you something square hasn't done at all for any final fantasy. That is diffrent battle music. Yes there are 5 (i think) diffrent regular battle soundtracks and i belive 5 or 6 diffrent boss fight musics. Ih yeah and later on in the game you can listen to them all.


The battle system i made very nicely bringing you diffrent types of battles. You'll have some on horesback, in you sandcrawler (its like a tank the dirves on sand), on foot, and in your giant mecha dragon. Basically you will never have to worry about buying new equiptment just upgrading your ARMS which costs a shit load of money. And the magic system would probally kick the crap out of the final fantasies. Basically as you attack or get hit you accumulate FP used for magic then when you get enough you cast your spell. But the usefull part is magic doesn't lower you FP the skills do very useful in many boss battles and another bonus is you FP goes up when you level up.


Then controls like all rpgs are simple and thiers nothing really hard to master them. The over all replay will kinda be high if your one of those vain gamers who always wants to perfectly master every game they play like me. Theres a new game plus feature thats there so you can take on the extra bosses and there are a shitload of extra bosses. So if you haveen't tried you Wild ARMS 3 i would say rent it see if you like it and buy if you do. Its pretty good despite the graphics. Do not let them turn you away.


Control: 10

Graphics: -10

Sound: 8

Funfactor: 3

Replay: 5

The final say: 16

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