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KABOOM - back to the og of gaming

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Alright kaboom was realeased for the atari 2600. So yeah its an origianl. Basically because of the graphics for it i really cant go into the full in depth review. So basically ill just recommend it or i wont.


Kaboom is just a great manic reflex game. The basics are theres a mad bomber on the lose and you need to catch his bombs in 3 buckets. If you miss one its game over. There are many diffrent levels of game play bringing you up to the bombers completely piss hes dropping bombs like a crazy fuck (oh wait he is a crazy fuck) and your buckets get smaller and smaller. Its a great game to go out and download bringing you hours of gameplay if you become addicted. So fr my final say got out and get it its worth the download.

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Didn't some company make a clone of KABOOM with a man jerkin' it over the side of a building or something?


Because it sounds familiar.


Best game for the 2600? The A-Team. Control Mr. T's disembodied head as he shoots lazer beams from is eyes while a rocket with "A-Team" lauches on the right of the screen.




I have no clue what's going on.

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