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The Asylum - Now in full-swing!

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We're sorry, ISH is away from his life right now. If you would like AT&T to keep calling in hopes that he'll be able to do anything besides work and school, please press 1 now. A seventy-five cent charge will apply.


Actually, it's not THAT bad... I did get SOME sleep last night after getting stuck in traffic that was backed up through three cities. *grumble*


I notice you seem to have finished the Asylum Classic theme... once I get home today, I'll hopefully at least do the whole smiley thing. Well, you're mostly done... there's still the following image:




It appears in the upper left hand corner next to The Asylum >> Announcements >> The Asylum. Then, you probably know of more or whatever else it is that you're going to finish updating.


BTW, the Search/Members/Help buttons are bitchin' cool, man.


Anyhoo, the other theme--Padded Rooms--I'm, unfortunately, NOT going to have the time to even get to work on it at all until at least next Monday, and that's a generous estimate. I can probably transfer one or two more forums over, then put the smileys up, and that'll be about it for tonight. Then, I've got some time between classes tomorrow, but the network at school has been less than cooperative recently.


Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses. It's the holiday season, y'know. Between Thanksgiving, working enough to be able to buy Christmas presents for everybody, and attempting to go to school, sleeping is about the only other thing I get done with any sort of regularity.


Oh, well. I can just capitalize on Outerverse's efforts to establish Asylum Classic and have everybody use it until I get my lazy rear end in gear and give them a choice. :)


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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Seriously, though, I can't figure out how to add more emoticons... or whatever. The smiley formerly occupying the :D ( :) ) was randomly replaced, I have no idea why. The only thing I can seem to change is the number of emoticons displayed in a row in the table next to the posting thing.




In other news, I'm also beginning work on Asylum Padded Rooms, which will take slightly longer than anticipated. Gotta figure out where the hell all the little funny bar things and triangles fit into the equation.


Oh, yeah, the old board. I'm pretty much just going to leave it as-is; EZBoard never really did me any favors, and hey, maybe it'll attract a little traffic our way. You never know.


I'm not going to bother deleting the forums for a while, at least, anyway. 'Specially since Outerverse and Sword Bearer need to archive all the data from Colatol Galaxies, now located on the IFFWorld Board.


ISH go make images now. Have nice day.

The Insane Space Hunter

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