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Mein Birthday - ...and subsequent absence...

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Well, the day I was born was July 19, 1983, which will be twenty years ago to the day next... er... Friday or something. Wait, Saturday. That's right, Saturday.


Anyway, I'm leaving tonight to go up with my family to my grandparents' cabin in the mountains to celebrate, and shall not return to normalcy until... let's see... Monday, July 21. Yeah, that's effectively ten days. But I won't be here.


I don't have internet access up there like I do down here--I mean, I've got my laptop's 56k modem and a phone line, but I'm limited to 20 hours of connectivity per month between me and my dad on the dialup account. So I can't be on for the same amount of time.


Plus, I'm vacationing in the freaking mountains. I may or may not have something better to do than hit the message board. Like... sleep. And play Halo on my new XBOX. :P


So, anyway, like I said, I'll be effectively absent. I'll still be reachable by email, which I intend to check at a random time each day. Probably about once per day. I might hit the MDbMB, as well... that board is low-end and loads fast. Probably the server. But I'm most likely not going to come here... not on a 56k with a scant 20 hours for two web-heads to last a week on. I mean, sometimes, I'll come here and read ALL the posts and spend two or three hours on the board, partially because I'll go look up links to past conversations and partially because BBN has the penchant to load up slowly on my computer.


So no ISH for a while. And no, I probably won't be on Instant Messenger either... no change there. ;)


So, have a nice day... er, week... um... ten days... whatever. Have a nice [404 ERROR; KNOWN SPAN OF TIME NOT FOUND. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TYPED THE ADDRESS CORRECTLY.]

The Insane Space Hunter

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My nephew (who is going to Idaho tomorrow to visit his dad) is going up into the mountains with his dad for a week. If they come around asking for sustenance, throw 'em a can of beans. :P

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Heeey, that was dark.


I like it :P


But Happy Birthday, Mr. Insane Space Hunter. Hope you have a good year.


And, uh, don't fall off the mountain. That's bad for your health. Or so I've heard.

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If they come around asking for sustenance, throw 'em a can of beans. :P

Here, huck this at them. Since you asked and all.


Had a good 20th birthday. Posted a notice on the MDb that my age had changed, had shrimp linguini... linguineey... shrimp and noodles for lunch, then sat around the entire day watching television or playing XBOX. And Dreamcast, come to think of it.


As far as presents go, I got Halo, an extra XBOX controller, some fuzzy cat bookmark thingy, and an off-brand lego castle knights weapon chest thing. Small plastic men wielding large axes without the ability to bend their elbows. you know how it is.


I'm back now, by the way, in case you hadn't noticed. The beatings will resume, and continue until morale improves.


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space hunter

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