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Asylum Styles! - News about the Asylum styles returning.

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Board Skins Currently Available






Coming soon:

Asylum Padded Rooms

Asylum Loonies

Asylum Milliways



UPDATED 04.20.2003

Removed Asylum OuterUniverse since my site has completely changed...I don"t think it will be coming back anytime soon. In other news thanks to SimBen"s brother I was inspired to start on a new skin based on Milliways: The Restarant at the End of the Universe for the board. See post below for the logo. :)

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Hmmm... that sounds cool. Maybe I can give you a hand with that, when and if I figure this whole thing out and get around to giving you a hand with that.


Actually, I was looking at making a whole new look for the Asylum right before your hosting thing came up... at theme to match the image that's currently the banner for the Asylum Homepage on Black-Blade, come to think of it. Maybe I'll get to work on that, too. :)


More on this as, well, things happen.


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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