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Review: Excel Saga - Yes, my official review of Excel Saga

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For about the last year that I've been collecting the Excel Saga DVDs, I've posted an odd review of this volume or that.


Well, now that the whole series is out, and I have scraped together enough money to pic the said releases up, I'm proud to present my authoritive review of the Excel Saga. Bare in mind that these opinions are my own, and if you disagree, you're probably Outery, 'cause he's the only one who's seen them as well.


In that case, hello, outery ;)



Ehem, without further aidu, the review.


Excel Saga Vol 1


-Volume one introduceso the main characters, Hyatt, Impalatzzo, and the star of the show being Excel herself, of course.

Most of the supporting characters are introduced as well, baring a few.

The dub for the first volume is good, except that Excel's voice is really fucking hard to take when she's yelling (which is always). Side note, but the voice actress for Excel also did the lead in Dragon Half, which is kind of similar to Excel Saga :D The sub is good, but unmemorable. Nabisin's english actor, Brett Weaver, was Touji from Eva. I like referencing Eva.

This is, I would say, my forth favorite volume, because Excel's voice is really hard to listin to for the first time >_<.


Excel Saga Volume 2

I got Excel Saga 2 about aweek after the first, so I unconsciously group it together with it. I'd say about the same in terms of quality, and humor, but I guess I'll rate it third favorite. Not much happens plot wise for DVD 2. Just stuff. Wait, what plot?


Vol 3. Worst volume ever. The only part I liked about this one was the Impalazzo domino stacking thing. That was just beutiful.


Vol 4. Best volume ever. This is my favorite, from the pedifinilia jokes to the parody of robot girls, to the parody of lesbion.. robot girls.



Vol 5. Suxored. Half assed power ranger rip off, that became to much a part of the plot. Not too bad, but not on my top list.


Vol. 6. Great, and it delivers dsome of the greatest wack out shit you'll ever see. Contains my favorite episode. That's right, the one with no gags. Uh huh.




Technical Review.


Animation: The animation is pretty constant through the series, Good, interesting desgins, nothing that bores you (is it possible to be bored while watching Excel Saga??). All in all, above average art quality, even if familiar techniques are used to execute some of the moviment. Being a TV show, non of the animationis really fluid, like in some of the high profile anime like Cowboy Bebop or, eh, an other example ^^;.


Plot: What plot? This is a gag comedy! Realistically, you could jump into most episodes in the series and not miss a beat, and still get most of the humor.


Music: Ah, we come upon one of Excel Saga's key flaws; It's has some fucking repetitive music. You hear this shit multiple times an episode, every episode. I mean, fuck, it really hurts after 26 shows to hear the same repeated themes from episode 1-25. Yarg. But, the intro and extro music is good, altrough love and loyalty gets to much in show play.


Video Quality: Fantastic. No artifacts, everything is crystal clear. It's simply beautiful. A product of using digital technology, instead of analog, I'm sure.


Cover Art/Disc Art: Great. Most are appropriate to the volume's experiments, and the backcover desciptions are pretty funny usually. Gold.


Menus: It varies from disk to disk, but usually the menus are pretty straight forward. I think Vol 4 was the only one I had any trouble with. The menus are all animated, which is cool, but there are animated trasitions, which I am not a fan of (something happening when you click a link, then going to where you wanted.).


Extras: Excel Saga is packed full of sweet extras, interviews, the standard production scetchs, and the most important of all, ADV Notes, which, like the old pop-up video thing, has little bubbles that come up when ever a cultural reference is needed, or anything else of background interest. I love these things. Also, each volume had a new little pysicalfun thing, like tabletop sumo wrestling, or make Excel's face. Or naked Excel, woo!


Final Scores:


Plot:3 (what plot??)

Music: 4 (decent, but overused)


Video Quality:10!

Cover Art/ Disc Art: 9.5! (If only they had made reversible covers...)

Menus:6.5 (decent, but some menuvering problems - animated transitions >o<)

Extras: 8


Final Grade: 8.4

Good show, pick it up if you can, but beware that it might not be your cup of tea.




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