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FLCL - The Music

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Fooly Cooly... arguably one of the best shows out there, and certainly one of the best (if not THE) sows to appear on Adult Swim, has some of the best music in an anime EVER.


It's astounding that such a short show has so many memorable songs in it. And they are exactly that, SONGS, not THEMES. Almost all of the music in the show has lyrics to them... and the ones without are still fantastic. Of particular note is "a Bran-new Lovesong".


The band that plays the music is called "The Pillows", which I think is a... I dunno, wierd name for a rock band XD. Either way, all of their music KICKS... at least all I've heard. I was talking to Seph on AIM today, and I tried to list all the songs I liked by them, and I decided just to say "they're all pretty cool".


PArt of the reason the music is so great, in the context of the anime, is that since the series is so short, we aren't subjected to the same melodies OVER AND OVER. Every single anime I've seen has this problem. Evangelion had this pretty bad, at least early on, but it wasn't as bad as some. Long series are especially bad. Although most aren't even considered Anime by dedicated fans, Pokemon, Dragonball, Sailor moon, and a dozen other long series have VERY bland music that is repeated OVER AND OVER throughout their incredibly LONG runs.




I'm listining to FLCL stuff right now, at 3 in the morning. In two days I've DLed over 20 songs and all of them are great (with several jewels I keep replaying again and again). As soon as I get some extra cash, I'm gonna start grabbing the albums, if not the DVDs quite yet.


2 eps a DVD at full price? Fuck that. I need some serious pocket change to throw away (well, not throw away) on that little amount of entertainment time.


I'm done. Go about your business.

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