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Excel Saga - Last name: Excel, First name: Excel

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Volume 3: When Excel Stirke (out):P

Secret Idiological Orginazation ACROSS Senior Opperative Excel's back to take over the <s>World</s> City. Throw in a special Menchi episode, a New Year's Extravaganza, and you have Anime as only Nabeshin would like it!


Okay, it's time to find "The Mint"!


Episode 10: Menchi's Big Adventure

Today's episode starts with our hero trying to tunnel her way through the wall into Wantanabe's apartment. Unfortunaltely Excel and Hyatt return to foil her attempt. Excel and Hatchan leave for their latest job leaving Menchi's hopes dashed, leaving her to only her memories of an old man in the mountains. But fortune smile as Wantanabe throws Iwata through the front door, allowing Menchi's esacpe to FREEDOM!


Thus Menchi begins her trek to the mountains. Now the funs begins. Menchi meets a pack of 5 strays who happen to talk, who decide to help her find the old man.


Add in animal control agents, who also happen to be heavily armed dogs, a double agent and you get more animal nuttiness.


After losing 3 members during the journey, the finally arrive at the old man's house and *SHOCK!!* animal controll is already there! Then *DOUBLE SHOCK!!* the traitor's there! And *TRIPLE SHOCK!!* the old man's ONE OF THEM and he's got a gattling gun!


The last 2 use a bomb to take out animal control once and for all.


Pedro's still being tortured by Will-chan's Yakuza boyfriend.


Nabeshin's still being chased by the Soup Girl from the Mountain Inn.


And somehow Menchi's got the gattling gun and turns her anger against the old man. She then returns home to Excel and Hatchan, happy as a clam...and with a big ass gun.


Today's Experiment......FAILED.



Episode 11: Butt Out, Youth!

Back to school our heroes go! Excel and Hyatt have been given the task to infultrate a local high school to determine the resaon for the decline of todays youth. Incidently the afore mentioned school happens to be Inu-Nabe High, the same one Excel attended.


Bad news, Excel's alma-mater has declined into a state of chaos and the students look like 50's hoods. It takes Excel about 30 seconds to get the class whipped into shape when their antics and demands for her to strip finally get on her nerves. So she gets on their nerves right back, out comes an iron claw which goes immediately onto the chalkboard. Accomplishing this task get her the admiration of the baseball coach who's head is about 5 times normal size and who also has life threatening anus disease cause by wiping with color manga pages ;). He wants Etchan and Hatchan to whip the team into shape because if they lose a game to the team from Monkey Balls High, the baseball program will be disbanded.


Excel and Hyatt decide the best way is though effection since the coach is abuseive. Hatchan offers, what else, a glass of tomato juice. The baseball team is ready to play ball! Unfortunately, they're 2 players short and Hatchan is in no condition (ever) to play. The coach offers a player who quit...Binbou (Bean Boy). Of course keeping with the todays theme of mishapen body parts, Binbou sports a mile long mullet.


After courting, he finally deides to join the team...IN THE BOTTOM OF THE NINTH! Will out hero save the day?


NO! Inu-Nabe loses 100 to nothing.


Today's Experiment......FAILED.


And Pedro's on his way to Tokyo Bay. This can't be good.



Episode 12: Big City Part II

It's Christams in F City and Excel's present if a crocodile handbag! But she'll have to get it away from the croc. This time it's our civil servant heroes, Wantanabe, Iwata, Sumiyoshi, & Tetsuya in the limelight! Kabapu has assigned them to study under a top-notch (really?) detective. This detective has a quirk, her hat. The hat was ser father's and it's possessed. She's a hard-nosed dectective with it on, but with it off she's a bubblebrained idiot. It just happens her father's been chasing a pair of robbers.


Also it just so happens Hatchan was just kidnapped by a pair of robbers.


Eternally ill Hatchan creates a trail of dead birds (apparently her blood when it meets the air become fatal to birds). She ends up dying (again) after the bros get into a fight and knock her chair over. The robbers decide to cremate her and Excel rushes into the fire to save her! Unfortunately the smoke was too much for Hatchan so she woke up and got out.


Excel and Hatchan try to hitch a ride...but it ends up being the burglars. They drive off the edge of the road and right infront of our heroes. But they're not the right ones. Oh well.


Today's Experiment......FAILED.


And Pedro's on his way to the bottom of Tokyo Bay, in a pudding mold.



Episode 13: The New Year's Year-End Party Hidden Talent Contest

Not much goes on here. It's a competition between Excel's West Team and Hyatt's East team. The two teams take turns playing recaps of the previous episodes and a hidden talent contest with judges Kabapu, Great Will of the Macrocosm, Nabeshin, Pedro, & Menchi. Also there's the Domino Drop hosted by the Excel Girls, Excel Kobayashi & Mikako Hyatt. But who's the goofy excentic setting up the dominoes? Why Ilpallazo of course!


Also, all the members of the audience are either Excel or Hyatt.


West Side, Fisrt clip: One Minute Excel Saga. The same scene where Excel dies in the first minute of Episode 1.


East Side, Fisrt clip: Hatchan's "Gazing at Life and Death". Supposedly explains Hyatt's orgins, but only really recaps Episode 2.


Kabapu must be drunk...

First Round Scores: West 48. East 49.


Back at the Domino Hall, the Excel Girls try and topple Ilpala's dominoes, but he saves them just in the nick of time by a pinky. *RAGE!* The Excel Girls are now replaced by stuffed toys.


East Side, Second clip: Beauty Theater Same Room, English dialogue version. The same one from "Increase Ratings Week" except badily dubbed in broken and mismatched English.


West Side, Second clip: One Person Excel Saga. Remember the game Ilpala was playing back on DVD 1? Same thing but ONLY Excel scenes.


Second Round Scores: East 48. West 49.

Overall: West 97. East 97. :)


Illpala's still at it.


West Side, Final clip: Pedro The Movie. A gag trailer of an upcoming Pedro Movie!


East Side, Final clip: Nabeshin. Excel Saga director, Shinichi Wantanabe recaps his alter ego Nabeshin. (on a side note, there is a text interview on the disc in which Wantanabe-san says he actually looks like Nabeshin except for the height)


Final Round Scores: West 50. East 50.

Final Scores: West 147. East 147. :P It's a Tie!!


"Yeah we have enough now! Roll the music video!"


Love (Loyalty)

Lyrics by Shinichi Wantanabe

Composed by Toshiro Masuda

Performed by Excel Girls


(A full-length version of the opening credits...3 courses)


Today's Experiment......FAILED.


In the editing room, Illpala has reached the studio and only has one domino left, naturally before he can place it the rest begins falling. Also Nabeshin and the Studio JC crew are editing the film together.

Nabeshin: "Insert a fade-out here"

Ilapallzo: "This world is truly corrupt"


In their apartment, Wantanabe, Iwata, and Sumiyoshi are watching the show.

Sumiyoshi: No scene again...For us...




All four episode are hillarious as usual, but text can't convey this.


Next Time: A Recap of Volume 2!

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heh excell saga rules :) I just saw the edited last episode(umm last episode was pulled from even japanese TV becuase of "adult content"). hmm i better ask about getting the uncensored version.

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Yeah outery, I saw it :) Infact, I just got vol 3 on sunday. Personally, I liked vol 2 better... but this still was pretty good. Though, with each passing ep I'm more and more glad that the DVDs hav both english and japanese. I can't stand Excel! Bad voice actor bad! It's a shame too, because I like _everyone_ else. Tiffeny Grant does good stuff in this one. Wah!


UH anyway... I've got to wait for vol 4 to hit bestbuy.




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"Jari," huh? Well, it sounds more like a juice drink from Star Wars, but oh, well. :P


And yes, I realize what it's from, there. Still sounds funny. Jari...


Anyhoo, since you brought up Best Buy and anime... is that one of the better places to shop for anime? It's just about the only store within fifty miles of me (or more) that actually has an anime section, per se, so it's good enough for me... just getting everybody else's take on it. :)


And me, I'm waiting for them to get Trigun. Oh, yeah, they have it now. :P At this point, I'm waiting until I have $200 to spare for the box set. Stupid expensive habits. >_<


Oh, well.


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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All my tapes are from online, at various places, cheifly animecastle.com, But recently allot of my DVDs have been from best buy... except... excel 2 and escaflowne movie. Bestbuy has cheep stuff, and it's quicker then ordering, oviously... so...





Oh, and for my mini-name, your a fish. A big fish ISH.

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