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RANT: Pioneer's Packaging SUCKS! - Two episodes per DVD?! &n

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I picked up Amazing Nurse Nanako: Nanako's Secret Collection [3-DVD set] last night and have begun watching it. (Review forth coming after I get vols 1-5 of Excel Saga Reviews up) and have found the one thing that has truly annoyed me to NO end.


<div align="center"><span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>TWO FUCKING EPISODES PER DISC?!

WHAT THE FUCK?!</span></div>


God I would feel SO ripped off if it didn't have cool pakaging, swag, and it was cheap (40.00 roughly). So I'm not TOO pissed...but still 2 friggin episodes on a disc? There were minimal DVD extras. Just your standard Anime DVD stuff: production sketches, ads, and animated menus.


I would be even MORE pissed has I bought these seperately.


Ya know, I felt alot more satisfied with Excel Saga and Outlaw Star (especially Outlaw Star) because it they has more episodes per disc & more extra crap.

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