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DearS and musing

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Well, I've just finished DearS, an Anime I've been following for a while, and I am shortly coming upon the ending of Full Metal Alchemist.


For those of you who know me to any extent, you may or may not have realized that I do, in fact, get very swept up in animation and video games. Whether or not this is a social disease on my part is immaterial, but it means that I get pretty weird after a show ends.


Luckily, since I usually have to buy my anime, I was spared this particularly emotional time for ever once in a blue moon, do to my formerly lackluster cash flow. Now, with a superior Bittorrent connection and a lot of money on my hands, I'm burning through series.



Well, I just finished DearS, which is a lovely ecchi series about an alien girl who finds some random goober and makes him her master. There's not much more too it than that, which is fine, because it's a rare thing when something so simple is so enjoyable for me, which it was. It finished admirably, tying up some ends while presenting new ones for an eventual (HOPEFULLY) follow up.


Whenever a series ends, I miss it. I miss watching it, and I miss the happiness I get from buying and watching a new one. Even though I go through it pretty ravenously, I still wish it would last longer.


On the other hand, I'm very wary of sequels because, as true as it is here in the states, oft times sequels in japan blow hard. There are few examples where this isn't true, but those are exceptions to the rule, rather than the rule itself.


I am also nearing the end of Full MEtal Alchemist. By nearing, I mean that I have less than ten episodes left. DearS itself was only 12 eps (Waaah!) but FMA has already been aired and fansubbed, so it's just a matter of getting the last... 4, actually, episodes.


This will hit me a lot harder than DearS which, although I love it, was more of a leisurely series than something I follow religiously, like FMA.


Full Metal Alchemist is the first series I've watched since Neon Genesis Evangelion that has captivated me in such a way. Like Eva, I'm sure this one will be VERY hard to let go. I've burned through 52 episodes in 2 weeks. Every detail of the story is fresh in my head. It's going to fuck me up bad.


One thing of concern is that, although so far it has been BRILLIANT, people are saying the ending is very unfair, which leads me to believe it is either very open ended, which sucks, with little or no solutions to the problems raised in the series, which sucks, or it is unresolved in such a way that it paves for a new series, which could suck.


Anyway, I'll have it done by the weekend, with any luck.




I've I seem a bit morose, that's why.

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