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DamnGlitch's Awesome Perfect Rating System

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Okay, I've decided to develope my own rating system for the anime I review, much like ISH. Okay, I'm totally ripping him off, but my version uses logic and shit, so yeah.


Each catagory can recieve a max of 10 points. Anime and DVDs are scored and totalled seperatly.


A ten in anime catigories would be, oh, EOE. A zero probably would be DBZ.

A ten in DVD catigories would be The jinroh special edition DVD, or the Escaflowne movie special set.


A 2 would be the Fscking EOE DVD, and a zero would be, oh, one that didn't fucking work.


The catigories are as follows:







Video Quality

Cover Art/Disc Art




...and that's about it. Overall grade will be distrivuted by my opinion, so it probibly wont sync up with an actual average.


Because I'm just like that.

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