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FLCL - This is crazy

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They just started showing it on AdultSwim Monday. Its some pretty weird stuff and according to DG is made by those that also made Eva.


So far it has been a well blend of hilarity and scariness, but still a bit too... well... loose for me to exactly pin point my real look at it. I enjoy it though. A lot.



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FLCL, Fooley Cooley...


I love this show. I want to bear it's children. I must make it manifest itself physically so I can mate with it.


I want to sex it up.


I'm now thoughly convinced that Gainax, the animation studio behind FLCL, can do no wrong.


Evangelion, End of Evangelion, His and Her circumstances, and now FLCL. I love them all. Now I need to check their older work, like Otaku no Video, which is an animated parody of themselves :|


I'm also happy to see that it isn't just Hideaki Anno doing good, but Gainax by itself. Anno directed Eva, EOE, His and Her, and Wings of Homminese, I think. His works are beautiful, but it's great to see that Gainax is doing perfectly without him. For all his infinate greatness, he's fairly unstable. He was in a deep depression when he did Evangelion, and he quit 3/4 through the production of His and Her.


FLCL is, as my most appreciated associate Sasuke pointed out, flipping crazy. It his simply gorgious animation, fucking movie quality here people, and a great story. A kid has shit that grows out of his head. And there's this robot... and it'll eat the kid and turn into a megagun, and kill stuff...


You have to see it to believe it. And the scarey thing is... Gainax reportedly only did FLCL to test out their skill at CG. As opposed to the manual animation they'd done in the past.


In some ways it's similar to Excel Saga, in it gets somewhat crazy, but it doesn't get... ah, how to put it... Stupid, annoying, or repertitive. I like Excel Saga a bit, but FLCL blows it away.


Another thing, thus far at least, that has me by the balls, is there seems to be NO drama. There are maybe 40 seconds of serious seens an ep, which is somewhat refressing comeing from Gainax. Nice to see that they can do something other then drama and angst.


Or maybe that was Anno again...


OF course, these are early speculations still, I mean, there's only been three eps so far, but I still want to knock boots with it. Please note that I have never claimed to want to knock boots with Eva, my most treasured sereis of all time, forever and ever.


The only problem thus far, in the dub, is the americanized jokes, IE, American pop culture in the place of Japanese pup culture. It's a ditracting thing when you know the japanese have no idea what being shiled in a n episode, but it's not that bad. I really like the dub voice actors/actresses. Which is more then I can say for much of the English Excel Saga cast.


Hmm. I think since Gainax work is such hot property, nobody wants to fuck up stuff. Makes sense :P


11:00 on adult swim, Mon through Thurs. ER, 12:00... ER...10:00, for ISH :P Where is he anyway, this thing seems up his ally.


Hell, if there is such a thing as irony in this world, ISH will hate it with every fiber in his body.


But yeah, watch it now.




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Oh nooooooes!


Terror! Destruction!!! Doom!


Why oh why....


*sniff sniff*






Fooly Cooly is only 6 episodes long...


I should have known that Gainax wouldn't make a full length series out of an experiment....




I love this series! It's so sad.....


....Oh well.... I guess it wasn't ment to be. Seems like Evangelion gets to keep it's place in number 1.



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