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Going Way Too Far - Excel Saga Volume 6

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It's all come down to this. ACROSS finally takes over F City, Excel fights with a sinister truth, That Man and the Afro Warriors square off, Daiten is back, Puuchus revolt, Illpalazzo has a dark secret...it's going to be a bumpy ride folks.



Episode 22

Invasion, Mother

It's Space Saga nuttiness!


It's more Puuchus than you can shake a futon beater at! The Puuchu high command (who all look like characters from Space Battleship Yamato) comes to Earth to take another crack at conquest, but this time the Earth has friends in cute places! Enter the Puuchu rebellion (who all look like characters from Harlock Saga)!


But back at ACROSS F City HQ, Illpalazzo has good news...The comquest of F City is finally going to move forward. The bad news, Excel is fired.


Retiring to their appartment Hyatt and Excel think thing out. But when Excel goes off into one of her 'Dead Hatchan' tirades, she realaized that Hatchan is missing and the front door left open.


Excel exits only to find Hatchan being beamed up to a ship. Excel, being the dumb cluck she is, immediately jumps into thin air to save Hyatt, only find she missed her mark. She does make it by swimming through the air, only to be beamed herself.


But all is not a bad situation for this is the Puuchu revolutionaries whom have beamed our heroines to their ship. Excel upon seeing the comet-like mothership of the evil Puuchu, remembers she has the "Encyclopedia of Space Battlship 'WHATEVER'" tucked in her pants and she intends to play things by the book.


First, fire into the center of the comet to defeat the enemy. Good shot! Too bad the fortress is still intact.


Second, hand to hand combat. Launch an all out assault against the fortress to mask a secret attack on a week spot. Excel gets a swank Puuchu-themed Gundam to piolt...but she must face Charchu (a Puuchu Char from Mobile Suit Gundam).


Third, destory the fortress! Excel makes her way to the reactor without even lifiting a gun! She finds a robot Puuchu with a bomb, whom she promtly orders to sacrifice himself.


Meanwhile Kabapu has mobilized the Daiten to defend F City (or be docked 3 months pay), whom promptly stand on top of the roof of city hall and watch the action.


Meanwhile with the fortress destroyed all seem good, but not so when the main battle ship appears (and is bigger than the Earth)...EXCEL TO THE RESCUE!


Last step, SUICIDE ATTACK! The most of the Puuchu race is wipped out as the rebels plow headlong into the battleship.


Oops, a piece has fallen off and is headed for F City. While the Daiten turn tail and run, Kabapu stands alone at Ground Zero, ready to throw his life away for JUSTICE!



The piece crashes resulting in...TOTAL ANHILLATION.



Today's Experiment...Big Failure


Nabeshin has learned a new technique!




Episode 23

Legend of the End of the Century Conqueror

Fist of the North Star...anyone?


The city in ruins, chaos reigns, where only the strong survive.


Okay then there's Excel. ACROSS-less, Hatchan-less, Menchi-less, she fights her way through the land to find ACROSS. But apparently someone has other ideas.


Excel has learned a new technique!


She runs across a villiage, a girl weilding a vacuum cleanaer named Pad (for padded bra) & Dominick, terrorized by a brute name Zeta. Why does he seem to know about ACROSS and Excel? She confronts Zeta and beats the tar out of him...but he's seemingly undamaged. Now if you have ever seen Fist of the North Star, you probably have an idea of what's going to happen. Like Ken's attack, it takes 3 seconds for the effect to happen. Zeta's body explodes into a mass of blood and guts!! Okay it doesn't, instead he melts into a character from Di Gi Charat (an anime running in the same time slot as Excel Saga). Zeta and his game are sent running.


Zeta reports to his boss about his failure to kill Excel. But what's this?



It can't be!!


Lord Illpalazzo was the one behind the order!


Meanwhile Dominick reveals what has happened since the blast. ACROSS has completely taken over the north territory and made all the people mindless slaves. Excel sets out for ACROSS and naturally immediately heads SOUTH.


It seems that Hyatt is concerned about Excel's missingdedness...and about Illpalazzo's lack of concern.


We also find out who Illpalazzo's boss is (the one on the cel-phone). What? It's! It's!




Looks like it's time for a final confrontation in Pogota between Lord That Man and the Afro Warriors, but first Nabeshin is confronted by the Colonel from the jungle survival episode...who is now a helicopter (no, not IN one, he IS one). But upon it defeat, A drained Nabeshin lands at the feet of That Man.


Excel runs into Zeta and his gang once again, but this time they are headed for...THE VILLAGE!


In another flashy fight, Excel turns all of Zeta's gang into cute Di Gi Charat character. Then for Zeta, who is now flaunting the 'cute' factor, whom upon a second attack changes into an even cuter panda. Oh well. But he does reveal the location of ACROSS and about Illpalazzo's order to kill Excel, which of couse THAT she can't believe.




Excel arrives at ACROSS F City HQ, only to find the doors locked. After several moments of pounding her fists against the door to the point of bleeding, calling out to Illpalazzo to open them, he comes out on to a balcony...and shoots her in the chest.




ACROSS HQ mobilizes & Excel is left for dead.





Today's Experiment...Failed?



Episode 24

For You, I Could Die

Gone are the gags, the puns, the stupidity.


Excel is near death and still trying to piece things together in her mind about Illpalazzo. When a Jeep pulls up.


ACROSS in on the move and has begun it's final conquest of F City. The western region has fallen, but Hyatt is still concerned about Excel. Illpalazzo is angered by the mention of her name and tells Hyatt that she will never be coming back again and orders Hyatt away.


It also seems as though Ilpalazzo is now having second thoughs about conquest, when a voice tells him he must continue to conquer.


For some reason, Hyatt has taken it upon her self to lower a rope from the now floaing in mid-air ACROSS HQ...and we also find out she gets motion sickness too.


Excel has been rescued by the Department of City Security, yes that's Wanatnabe and the gang, but Excel has amnesia (apparently Iwata accidently ran over her).


Wantanabe finds out that Hyatt is a member of ACROSS and immediately vows to rescue her...Excel recogizes the face but can't remember.


Iwata vows to find a way to take back the city from ACROSS, the first SENSIBLE thing he's said the enitre series.


Excel wanders aimlessly through the building and happens upon a dark room. Startled by a voice, she bumps a light switch revealing an ailing Kabapu with white hair and white skin.


(JC Staff are apparently struggling NOT to put in gags)


Kabapu has come up with a plan. He's has new Tenzin suits made, and says their 1000 times stronger than the Daiten suits. He asks his employees to save the city and coughs up a bit of blood...okay so they snuck a common gag in, it's ketchup a-la Metal Gear Solid. He reveals that another trump card is waiting in the basement of the former city hall building.


As the Daitenzen ride off to city hall, Excel happens upon Menchi...who is NOT happy to see Excel at first right until Excel says she can't remember who she is and offers to cook Menchi some food.


Back at ACROSS, Illpalazzo is still struggling with his darkside but succumbs.


Excel end up watching a tape of Hyatt and notices a shillouette of Illpalazzo which causes her great pain.


Back in Pogota, Nabeshin is using the last of his powers to carry That Man, who is a memember of the ACROSS 6, into oblibvion. Pedro and Sandora eneter Pogota to save Sexy Wife and Great Will.


Back a ACROSS HQ, Illpalazzo is informed of the Daitenzen's return and they're defeating his armies. Zzo catches sight of Iwata in the Red Tenzen suit which prompts a memory of him and Kabapu (in the Red Daitenzen suit) toasting. When they both realize that they are on opposite sides, Illpalazzo shooting him. Illpalazzo seems to know something about the secret hidden beneath the city hall. Meanwhile, Hyatt is sending out the troops to stall the Daitenzen.


Excel, is seemingly being drawn to Illpalazzo and remembers her and Menchi's name...prompting Menchi's usual response. Se immediately jumps off a cliff but manages to catch Hyatt's rope from earlier which then she realizes she's hanging from ACROSS.


Today's Experiment...Depends on next week.


Pedro and Sandora have found Will and Sexy Wife, but only to find that That Man is still alive and the one Nabeshin destroyed was a double. Which will also be concluded in the final episode. (Someone yell "Bring Poemi out!" here)



Final Episode

We Will Not Be Held Responsible

(No opening animation)

It's the final showdown! Daitenzen vs Across, Pedro vs That Man, Excel vs Illpalazzo, Shinichi Wantanabe vs Koshi Rikudo. It's all come down to this. There are more sexual references in this episode than you can shake a...well you get the idea.


While Nabeshin and Rikudo are fighting, ACROSS lands on City Hall, Kabapu is piolting a mecha with a huge rocket, well you can guess. Meanwhile Hyatt has ordered a thick and hot one to be fired in the back at the Daitenzen...Who will be saved by the hand from Kabapu's mecha. They then begin to infiltrate ACROSS.


Excel is wandering around ACROSS, singing those idiotic songs as she usually does when a mob runs by leaving a gun behind. Excel commandeers the gun of course.


Illpalazzo's darkside is compelling him to take over the nation, the world, the whole Earth, the main body of ACROSS, then universe. (Currently they are seperated as man and shadow) Illpalazzo struggles to keep his own ideals and pull the rope opening the trap doors to the pit. Which causes him to realize that he is feeling lonelyness.


Mr. Pe and That Man begin their final battle. That Man launches a dark attack and Pedro launches his Nabehameha...yes it's a DragonBall Z parody now.


The Daitenzen are off to find the secret, while Wantanabe is off to find Hyatt, who is going to kill him.


Kabapu finds out the hard way ALL mecha have weak joints...it's a rule after all...and that it has NO weapons. Time to evacuate. The big crotch rocket is actually the escape pod and it lands through the floor to the secret of City Hall enabling the Daitenzen to gain access.


Excel's still wandering around and happens upon the "Security Room" from Episode 7...and she's hungry which reminds her of Menchi. She finds the ship's map and sees something importatnt on the floors above her.


Meanwhile the Daitenzen can't access the secret area, and worse their suits just ran out of power. Enter the afore mentioned rocket.


Illpalazzo's darkside has compelled him to kill them all. So he's off to fight.


The Secret is activated! It's a Ropponmatsu Squad! But even they are no match for Illpalazzo. He brushes them off like toys, then after being blown up, goes at the Daitenzen. Blasts Sumiyoshi and Iwata, then Misaki. He then snapps the Ropponmatsu's heads off. Shioji lauches a mini rocket to save Kabapu, which Illpalazzo tosses right back at him. Then once again, it's Kabapu and Illpalazzo. Kabapu explains that in Illpalazzo's desire for conquest that he's lost himself, that the ACROSS fortress is not the castle of a king but the grave of his foemerself. However Illpalazzo desires to make it Kabapu's grave and preceeds to strangle him.


Back with Pedro and That Man, Pedro is loosing his fight. That Man is feeding off the bad energy from Sexy Wife and Will. Then Sandora adds his power because he doesn't want his dad to die yet again. Then That Man takes off his shoe and adds another blast of dark power.


Wantanabe's alright and Hyatt's dead again...she missed then died.


Excel has made it to the throne room, which cause her grat pain when she sees the throne because she still refuses to remember. Then Menchi pulls the rope opening the trap door behind Excel.


Illapalazzo is told by his darkself that he's no conqueror, he's been conquered by his own ambbitions. He shall forever claimb the endless staircase to a goal that is unobtainable.


Apparently Excel jumped down the hole because she plows into the floor right infront of Illpalazzo.


Pedro and Sandora are defeated, but saved thanks to the spirits of Nabeshin and his weird crew...all with afros now.


Back at ACROSS, Excel and Illpalazzo are standing gun to gun, but they can't fire and drop the guns. Then the darkside comes out and Excel attacks him. It in turn takes FULL control of Illpalazzo, who tries to blast her into oblivion...but she can't die. Not unless Lord Illpalazzo orders it. But instead the good Illpalazzo orders her to defeat him, defeat them both. So she walks through the power wave and decks him. Shoji activates the self destruct for the Ropponmatsu squad and along with Kabapu carried by 1 & 2, Hyatt carried by Wantanabe, and the rest of the Daitenzen, high tail it out of there.


As the fortess begins to crumble around them, Excel and Illpalazzo are in the throne room. He punishes her for belting him by dropping her in the hole. He then follows her. "So, this is what it's like to fall?" It's the escape route afterall.


All together now!




Roll Credits (Opening animation with some new scenes, Kabapu & the city back to normal, Shoji building a Ropponmatsu mecha, Will is having a baby, Excel's off to kill Nabeshin like she did with Rikudo in Episode 1)



The End


Experiments Up Tp Now...All Failed


But...The Experiments May Continue...



Episode 26

Going Too Far




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Waaahooo! Honestly, the sixth DVD is one of the strongest in the entire series, and "going too far" is fucking hilarioius.


Honestly, did they even air that???


The musical part of ep 26 rocks as well, and personally, I _perfer_ the english dub over the original japanese voice acting (for that episode, at least).


The english version is really damn catchy. For sure.


And, um, for great justice.

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All right, going back and thinnking about it didn't help. It's still weird. ;)


Anyway, sounds like this is Excel at its best... I'm definitely going to have to get this anime next, and I mean that. I'll probably grab it near the end of the summer and let you all know my opinions then.


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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