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Question Relating to Astro Boy

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I figured that this would be a good place to ask, since this question IS anime related.


In Astro Boy, there is a character called Epsilon. Now, I have recently played the "Omega Factor" game, and I also saw an episode with her in it, the only thing is that she's addressed as a 'he' in the game. Now, being a robot, Epsilon more or less doesn't have a solid gender, but I'm pretty sure that she's designed to be female, especially after I had seen an episode with her in it.


The only evidence I can find that would point to Epsilon being addressed as 'he' in the game is that the profile states that Epsilon first appeared in Tezuka's works as a 'man-shaped robot'. I know from the game that Tezuka has done a lot of crap, so he's probably changed his characters around often. I mean, heck, one of the characters in my story was originally going to be male, but I changed that around so that the character would be female.


So, can anyone help me out here? Is Epsilon a male or a female?

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