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Mondo Gihugeic multi Nexus universe codex project

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:babel: relay 2005, 2117 recived sending back 20XX message recived altering Prime central. Prime Central here, message understood, sending pit distrss beacon. Warning Further use of time dilation may result in unforseen effects. "KILL THAT DAMN WARNING WE ALREADY KNOW DAMN IT! There isn't any other choice now!" 2330, alearting rengrade tekka...


many starting points converge and overlap soon a nexus of beings, places, times and more merge into new things, in ways no one has yet drempt of... Welcome to the largest, cross over fan Project, i'm sure you will ever hear and hopefully read.


When i say Mondo GihugeicGaint i mean so big, it will even rival my previous fanfic project i was working on, so big so much going on so much history ect that is mroe like "lord of the rings sized" project. Over 20 shows, movies, games, mythology, misc alrready tied together in the gaint Epic. a "Unicron Tron", "godzilla Transformer", "Reboot Tron character", "mini godzilla TF mecha and unicronreboot Tron HAR"(see http://www.omf.com), Tekkaman, plus lots more... It will take awhile to do but i'm starting to iron out the basics already.

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