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What I got for X-mas - ...or your related winter holiday

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Games! Games! Games!


I got a bunch of games!


Wavebird. Best controller ever. EVER.

Met prime, and fusion! Huzzah!

Starfox adventures! Truly a good game.

Mario sunshine! a new classic.

That new castlevainia game! Haven't really had a chance to play it!


A ps2! That one came out of left field!

cd player!



Escaflowne, vol 1!

Outlaw star, Vol 2 (son of a bitch, the cut ep wasn't on that one! I thought it was on the third disk, but outery said...)


That is all. Return to your deallys. Wait, no. Post joor stuff.

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Outerverse received:

Games! Games! Games!


I got a bunch of games!


Gots me:


Resident Evil Zero

Resident Evil

StarFox Adventures

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PS2)

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords

Castlevania: Harmony of Disonnance


and swank new speakers for the 'pooter.


(Sorry, DG Hot Springs Planet Tenrei IS on Volume 3...am is forgot.)

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Got... um... game! Metroid Fusion, it is.


Oh, yeah... got the following, as well:

-a leather vest (happier than I sound about that one)

-a Battle-Scarred Super Saiyan Vegeta action figure (from Revenge of Cooler, the movie I never saw but am glad to own a bitchin' cool action figure from)

-some gum (my eleven-year-old brother knows my favorite kind)

-a Lego R2-D2 Technic set (forty-five minutes to assemble, but I played with the little shock-taser arm for an hour afterward)

-A new N64 controller so we can play 4-player SSB again

-Several James Bond movies (Octopussy, Moonraker, Goldeneye, A View To A Kill, and The Living Daylights, I believe)

-A very good cake (it's like a cinnamon roll made into a bundt cake of some sort... or something like that)

-a Matt Hardy action figure (a wrestler for a ring I have in my room somewhere with Kane chokeslamming Steve Austin)


Oh, yeah, and I got DBZ: Budokai for Heck this year, though I play it more than he does. I've got Vegeta equipped with such skills as to make him hurt things a lot. The Big Bang Attack takes away two thirds of their total life, I can go Super Saiyan 2, and I traded my ability to block for a 30% boost in attack power and damage absorbtion.


Heck thought me a fool to trade in my block button like that... then I destroyed him AND Kami's lookout with the Big Bang. :D


Well, I'll probably get more from the family thing in the mountains this year... so more to come!


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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