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Obligitory Character List Post

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Cast of Characters (In Order of Appearance):



Sara Mason - Love interest

Stephan Glenn Apex - Antagonist

Mother - Antagonist

Gabriel "DamnGlitch" Mason - Main protaganist

William "Bill" Sullivan - Antagonist, rival

Kathryn Engelmacht - Antagonist, love intrest

Matthew Apath - BG character

James Apath - BG character

Mary Beth Townshend - BG character

Elle "Cherub" Apath - Love interest

Lucretia "Spam" Townshend - Protaganist, love interest

Maria "Echo" Townshend - Antagonist

Alex Garland - Ally

Cheryl Sunderland - BG character

John Regal - Ally

REM - Ally

Irene - Ally

Iris Elle Mason - Main protaganist (second story)


This is by no means complete. This is just all I can think of right now.

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