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'Glitched' Glossary of Terms

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This is a list of terms unique to the 'Glitched' story. Given how much stuff I make up you can be sure that it'll be updated often. Hell, it probably dosen't have half of what should be in there as it is!


Currently alphabetized.


Last updated:5/23/06


'09' Rating: When a device has a 0.00000001% chance of failure or success, depending on the situation.


Alexander Garland: AI inhabiting the Type 10 BioSuit. First ABS-BS. Led multiple successful military operations for the Underground both within the US and abroad. After fighting the Type 13 Echo in 2020, he was tortured and withdrew into himself. Is cared for by his girlfriend Cheryl Sunderland


AlphaType: The alternate and original concept behind the Type 12. Originally intended to be a housing for Stephan Apex' intelligence, but the plans were abandoned. Most of the ideas developed for the AlphaType were put into use in the ExtraType. Intended to wield the Apocalypse Gun. Counterpart unit to the OmegaType.


AntiBioSuit-BioSuit (ABS-BS): A BioSuit designed to fight other BioSuits, mostly in response to the advent of Foreign BioSuits. To do so they are equipped with special weapons and a Virus System which activates easier. This term is used interchangeably with 'NewType', though that is not technically correct. ABS-BSs have only come out of the Apath Underground, and include the Types 10 - 13.


Apath Underground: Globe spanning organization bent on world domination. Constructed the first BioSuits. Founded by Stephan Apex.


Apocalypse Gun: A back mounted light cannon designed for use with the theoretical AlphaType, but implemented on the ExtraType. Capable of terrible destructive power, on par with an atom bomb. In it's fully realized form, it can fire with only a fifteen second recharge time and a blast of nearly 13 kilotons. It is designed to be fired straight in the air, with a 5 second delay before the result rains down. It can also be fired at an angle, but this can result in unexpected atmospheric reflection and thus terrible unintentional damage. Available through contact with Mother (which results in its incomplete form) or direct connection with the third level MTVS.


Artificial Equilibrium System (AES): Coordinates all manner of functions within a BioSuit, primarily the interchange between mechanical and biological systems. Extremely elaborate, and nearly fool proof.


BioSuit (BS): An artificially created being, made of both organic and inorganic parts, which is designed to carry an artificial intelligence. Originally developed by Stephan Apex.


BioSuit Reactor: Cylindrical cold fusion reactor, found to the left of the stomach, that provides constant power to a BioSuit and is complimented by normal metabolic functions. A DS^2 can cause an implosion of the Reactor in order to destroy the BioSuit.


BioSuit War, the (BSWar): World War III, though it isn't referred to by that. The war for complete domination started by the Apath Underground and fought against most of the civilized world. In the later stages, it was a contest between the Underground's MPBS army and the FBS armies of Europe, Eurasia and East Asia.


Blank: Refers to a BioSuit without an Artificial Intelligence; an empty vessel.


Block System: A bio-mechanical system where a body part, usually arms, can rearrange themselves at a 'block' level into preprogramed patterns to form weapons and other useful devices. A precursor to nanotechnology, it was first used in Apath's Block System based wings, and later in the ABS-BS Prosthetic Standard. Not to be confused with the method of transformation used in FBSs, which is simply complex mechanics.


Connection Node: Small box with various methods of electrical connectivity built into earlier BioSuits to help interface with computers and machinery. Made obsolete with the advent of the Block System.


Counterpart Unit: Two BioSuits developed to work in sync with each other, similar to partners.


Cradle, the: Where organic tissue is grown onto a mechanical skeleton and the last steps of BioSuit construction are completed. Originally where AIs were downloaded into a BioSuit, but following the Type 3's activation separate locations were used.


Deep13: A massive machine dedicated to running Mother. Located deep within the Underground.


Destrudo Self Destruct System (DS^2): The self destruct system build into Apath BioSuits. Implodes the BioSuit Reactor to cause a respectably sized explosion. Depending on the shape of the blast, after use an AI can sometimes be recovered.


Dummy AI: Mass produceable AI first used in ProtoType BSs and later in MPBSs.


Elle "Cherub" Apath: AI inhabiting the Type 04 BioSuit, the first 'female' BioSuit. Reactivated by Gabriel in 2004. Worked extensively in the Underground under Kathryn Engelmacht. Murdered in 2019 by the Type 13 Echo.


Final Candidate: The last step before production. A concept that was dropped after the repeated failures of the ProtoType suits. In the end, instead of basing production on the final candidate, the Underground used what they knew and built a BioSuits that DIDN'T have a number of traits that the ProtoTypes had.


Foreign BioSuit (FBS): A BioSuit created by someone other than the Underground. Technically this would apply to any American made BioSuits not made by Apath, though that was an issue that was not confronted. Aside from initial test models, most FBSs, regardless of nationality, are mass produced with similar production methods. Comparable to MPBSs, though FBSs are primarily a replacement for regulars, instead of a next generation soldier.


Gabriel "DamnGlitch" Mason: Individual who resided in both the Type 6 and Type 12 BioSuits. Developed in secret by Mother in order to destroy the Apath Corporation.


James Apath: Short lived AI that inhabited the Type 3 BioSuit. Some sort failure led to James going insane shortly after activation, leading to his self destruction.


Kathryn Engelmacht: Brilliant young doctor who was in charge of the development Type 2 - 6, with the exception of the Type 4


Lucrezia "Spam" Townshend: AI inhabiting the Type 8 BioSuit that was designed by Stephan Apex to be his personal body guard. Responsible for the assassination of the president in 2007 and led a MPBS army for the Underground during the BSWar.


Matthew Apath: Short lived AI that inhabited the Type 2 BioSuit. Unstable Neural Net in conjunction with advances by Dr. Engelmacht caused a mental break down and the eventual suicide of the BioSuit.


Mother: The very first fully functional Artificial Intelligence. Possibly the most powerful AI ever created. Used originally to jump start to Apath Corporation and later coordinate all of the Underground's efforts. Also used to develop new AI.


Multiple Tier Virus System (MTVS): A Virus System with two or more distinctly separate functions. Used originally in the Type 12, then retroactively used in the Type 10 and later the Type 11. It is surmised that PSYCHOGLITCH Syndrome will occur with a three-Tier VS, but this is because of a misunderstanding of how the system works. It is not designed to be stacked levels but distinctly separate parts IE one part should be as immediately accessible as another. It is the improper use of the system which results in accidentally triggering PGS.


New Century Apath Corporation (Apath Corp.): Corporation founded in 1986 by Stephan Apex to develop personal computers and software. A front to the Apath Underground organization.


NewType: A BioSuit designed to control Mass Production BioSuits in combat. Also known as a command unit. NewType suits include the Type 8, in addition to the Types 10 - 13.


Non-Nuclear Weapon (N^2): A weapon capable of near nuclear damage with out the risk of nuclear fallout and residual radiation. Encompasses anything which causes widespread damage, from tactical blast weapons to the Apocalypse Gun. First deployed against the southern United States during the BSWar.


OldType: A BioSuit designed to fight humans. It is generally assumed that this refers to all Apath BioSuits up to the Type 9, not including the Type 8, and all Foreign BioSuits.


Prosthetics System (PS): A weapon unique to Apath BioSuits. Initially a system made for the easy exchange of limbs on the battlefield, it developed into a system that could transform into various mechanical weapons and any number of blades and spears. In its ultimate form, it can create anything, limited only by the ability of the user to think it up and power it.


PsychoGlitch: A pseudonym that Gabriel Mason went by while suffering from PGS. First used from 2003 to 2005.


PSYCHOGLITCH Syndrome (PGS): A problem localized to Mother borne AI where if faced with an unavoidable order, an AI instead goes insane to sidestep the issue. PGS also appears with the misuse of MTVSs, although this is an intentional trap by Mother in order to prevent the use of the Apocalypse Gun.


Sara Mason: AI inhabiting the Type 5 BioSuit. Was a Final Candidate before a failed test of the VS. Counterpart Unit to the Type 6. Now lives in Greenland.


Selective Regeneration Syndrome (SRS): A problem with a BioSuit's regenerative systems that occurs when switching from Viral mode to standard mode. Seemingly random injuries simply do not heal they as they do during normal running conditions. SRS is found only in the Type 11 BioSuit.


Stephan Apex: Creator of Mother, founder of Apath Corp. and the Apath Underground. Developed the theories used in creating BioSuits.


Stigmata: The term used to describe scarring on a BioSuit, in particular the scaring due to errors on the part of the Virus System.


Uplink: A place separate from a Cradle where an AI can be uploaded to a 'Blank' BioSuit.


Underground BioSuit (UBS): Blanket term for all Apath manufactured BioSuits.


United Northern Empire (UNE): New nation formed after the end of the BSWar that consisted of Canada, Mexico, and the remnants of the United States. Primarily engineered by Canada and Mexico as neither had received as much damage as the shattered U.S. Republic.


Virus System (VS): A weapon unique to Apath BioSuits. A system connected to the heart that is activated based on stress and physical distress. It usually takes the form of claws and mechanical growths that add the the combat abilities of a BioSuit.


WEAPON: A unrivaled machine capable of world destruction that is wielded by a WEAPONType.


WEAPONType: The result of a union between the Alpha and the OmegaType. Thought to have the power to actually destroy the planet. A fully realized, near invincible FutureType with BioSuit like combat systems.


ZeroType: First BioSuits to be built onto a cybernetic frame, instead of retroactive cybernetic modifications to complete clones.

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