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Review: Gundam Wing - Endless Walz Special Edition - Spoiler

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Ok, first off let me say that I'm a big fan of Gundam Wing. I like it better then the origonal Mobil Suit Gundam, and it's movies, but not necisarily better then Stardust Memory or 08th MS team. I like both of them infinatly better then G Gundam, which I think is a perversion of modern mechanics.


Anyway, the gundam wing series is good, that's what I'm saying. The OVA DVD is no slouch either. Endless waltz is an add on and the _final_ conclusion to the sidestory. Really, they say this pretty explictly. I mean, they friggin' try and send the gundams into the sun (don't worry, they get 'em back for mad mecha action). They story is basically a colon rebels, the G-boys try and stop it, and hilarity ensues. or something. The story is pretty straightforward without many plot twists, but it gets the job done. And well, I might add. This OVA is a welcome refreshment after the relitivly poor final MS Gundam movie, Char's counter attack. The _only_ problem I had with Waltz's Dub was a _few_ translation burbs, but it was just off putting, as opposted to irritating (like a certain newtype's voice...)


Ok, Good thing's. The animation is just great. Espesially the mechas, they are just fantastic. Perfect for the OVA. More detailed then the TV series, but not over detailed like the escaflowne movie's mecha. I'd give it 3 out of four for mecha, simply because no anime in history will ever surpass the Eva series battle in End of Eva. No fucking kidding, that is the coolest sequence ever... heart wrenching too... But back to the subject. I would have prefered a more climatic final battle in EW, but the one it had was good enough. Char designs stay the same, so if you had a pet peeve during the TV series SOL. Music was good, but some repeated too often... probibly cause I watched all three eps in one sitting ^^;. Thw whole thing, minus the redudant credit seqences, is about and hour and 30 minutes... so even with three seperate eps it's shorter the Char's counter attack...


Onto the special edition part... This comes in the form of a Movie version, in addition to the 3 OVA versions. Not much is changed, but the intro extros are cut out, and everything is synched together... quite nicly I might add. The only beef I have is that the int,out music White reflection is nowhere to be heard.... I'll just have to watch the OVA version for it... eh :P



Well that's all for now, I'll review the extra features latter... so until next time, looove and peeeace!

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Yeah... the one thing that really stood out for me in Endless Waltz (which, though I've seen the uncut DVD version or whatever, has also been played as the Friday Movie Because We Don't Want To Play More Than Four DBZ Episodes In a Week on Toonami) was that in all the flashback sequences, the suits weren't designed as they originally were. They were the suits as you see them in Endless Waltz, as opposed to the suits as you would've seen them in the early episodes of the series (Wing Gundam as a plane instead of a bird, Heavyarms being red, and all that), even though the flashbacks were referencing to the point in time where they saw the suits for the first time.


So they should've looked different in the flashbacks. Oh, well.


The movie is great, but Escaflowne is, of course, better. Partially because EW has no catgirls, and Escaflowne has three. And those catgirls wear skin-tight clothing and pilot mechas. What's not to love? :)


As DG said, though I have no idea who I'm talking to now, the suits weren't as detailed as the Escaflowne Gai-melifs... or however you spell that... but it's a different series with different artists and a different feel to everything, and that accounts for a lot of it. Escaflowne is a fantasy/sci-fi hybrid with a lot of depth behind the characters; Gundam Wing is more sci-fi with deep characters, but they're all pretty tired of the war by the time EW rolls around.


As for G Gundam, aside from the HORRIBLY predictable plot and the cliche "My hand tells me to destroy you" bits (is Domon scizophrenic, incidentally?) that come out in EVERY DAMN EPISODE, it's not bad.


Wait... the characters aren't stylized, they're more like colorforms tacked onto a background than part of the world. They don't fit in, making the whole thing seem like a cobbled-together muddled storyline where the main characters are too dumb to really admit that they like each other.


Oh, like Pokemon... but slightly better, because there's slightly less merchandising and mecha fights. :P


I already did my "Do you know Kyoji?" "No." "Okay." *BOOM* bit, so I won't do it again. But... yeah.


EW is good, and if you pay attention to Toonami and they stop playing the damn Transformers Armada movie, we might see something good on there again.


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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