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[Poll] My First Anime!

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What was the VERY FIRST anime you ever watched?


The first ones I ever saw was WAY WAY back when the Sci-Fi Channel was the FIRST non-pay cable channel showing anime. It was 1992, ninth grade. Me and a bud of mine were having an all-night game-a-thon at my house...we were taking a break when we saw the ad for THE FESTIVAL OF ANIME. We were hooked. An all week long anine-a-thon on Sci-Fi Channel.


That week was the first time I had EVER seen anime (outside of Speed Racer).

It was a week of:

Vampire Hunter D

Robot Carnival

Casshan: Robot Hunter

Dominion: Tank Police (Parts 1&2 on Thursday, then Parts 3&4 on Friday)


ALL unedited & uncensored. (This was back when Streamline Pictures was still around.)


It was shortly there after Cartoon Network showed Vampire Hunter D late night, but extremely edited.


Vampire Hunter D (Now on DVD from Urban Vision)

Robot Carnival (NOT available in the US on DVD, very rare on VHS)

Casshan: Robot Hunter (Now on DVD from ADV)

Dominion: Tank Police (Now on DVD from Manga Entertainment)

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As far back as I can remember, the very first anime I ever saw was Speed Racer. After that it was probably Pokemon (if you would consider that an anime) and/or whatever had been featured during Toonami's starting days up until now, assuming that their first rosters had anime in them..


One thing I do remember, on occasion, is that Toonami's original mascot was this funny looking UFO thing. If anything went beyond that, I never knew about it or just didn't remember.


As far as owning anime goes, I used to tape Pokemon when I was a kid, and the first one that I actually went out and bought was the Nadesico box set.


Everything else is nonexistant or lost in a fog.

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Pok??mon was pretty much it, as a kid. I saw FLCL when it came to Cartoon Network, and 2 episodes of Tenchi Muyo before that. As it stands right now, I'm too lazy to seek out and watch anything I've been recommended. :P

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Let's see what the canadian owned french tv station weekend morning lineup had.


80's crappy french translated anime: goldorak

The next one in my nightmares is that girl witch: Mini F??e

Then is the horible anime version of the 3 musketeers (one of them was a girl?).


Now let's skip until I got cable...



Dragonball... Z...


And then I got more american chanels and things got better.


Now you know why I tend to be annoyed with anime even before I see them....


... and it didn't got any better for 60% of them. I'll make a post about my last "friday at giving anime a chance".

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