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[Story] Friendship (WIP)

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Not sure where I'm going with this. Hopefully something will unfold.






Ambrosia's green locks blew in the wind. Standing atop a high rise in the modern city of NeoSeattle, she surveyed the lives of thousands of people as they danced across streets and sidewalks. The distance placed between her and them made them like bugs. Their interactions, relationships, emotions, goals, responsibilities, nearly everything about them made moot by the disconnection between them and her. Only their physical existence was verifiable. 'Grey Heart' bounced against her back as she chuckled at the thought. It was a soft, low sound; not sweet, but not throat or gritty. It was a luxury she rarely took the time to experience. This was not a matter of her being unhappy, per say, but happiness was not an emotion she associated with laughter.


To Ambrosia, laughter was ironic, and it was cutting. It was an involuntary reaction to an absurd situation.


The bugs bellow her continued the skitter about, this way and that.


Though clad in her business suit, Ambrosia was not on the job. Actually, she was in the middle of a forced vacation while the higher ups prepared to go to war. She was to strike the first blow that would result in the capture of that country.


In her nine years of existence, Ambrosia had not kept a single friend. She realized this peripherally when she found herself at a loss as to what she should do with herself now that she was not Apex' body guard. There was the sensation of her insides tearing when she realized Gabriel might have been her only friend.


Gabe had killed her.


Gabe had died.


Where in her case, she had been repaired, rebuilt, brought back to life, he seemed to be completely lost.


Nothing left.


Aside from that man, who was there? Apex was desperate to find his goal. She had been his lover, and she was his stout follower. There was no friendship.


William was a mad man tempered only by his new found power. He had lusted for her, and she had rejected him. He hated her and she wasn't sure it was a

one sided opinion.


There had been a little girl with Gabe, that time. Ambrosia knew from her research that the girls name was 'Elle', the Type 04. They had met once, and discussed Gabe's death. Actually it had more been the girl yelling at Ambrosia than anything.


So, what else was there? She had not needed friendship before, and she would not now. She had her duty; She would bring about change and help mold this world into perfection.




...But what after that?


The thought was cut off as a sound came from behind her, further back on the roof.


"He had always thought of you as the blue haired girl. Looks like you must dye or something."


Ambrosia spun on her heal to face the speaker. A beautiful young woman was leaning against an exhaust vent, staring intently at her. Her thick red hair contrasted sharply with her cold blue eyes as she studied the other woman carefully.


Though she did not voice a question, the look on Ambrosia's face made the answer she was searching for easy enough to guess.


"My name is Sara Mason."


The gap in Ambrosia's memory coupled with an unfortunate leap of logic caused her to blurt out the awkward question,


"Are you Gabe's wife?"


The absurdity of the question in the given situation caused Sara to burst out laughing. She fell to onto her butt, trying to keep her skirt in a modest position while covering her mouth in order to muffle the laughter.


"Glitch? No, not my husband. Not if he had any say in it, at least."


No longer shocked by this woman's sudden appearance, Ambrosia realized something important; Besides the red hair and sharp eyes, this girl looked nearly identical to Gabe.

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