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[PSP] Lumines

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"Tetris on Acid" is the best way I can describe this game.


People with a NDS are already familiar with Q! Entertainment, as the breakout game on that system (Meteos) is by the same team. Lumines does two things and do it well...keep it simple, and keep it interesting.


The game is as simple as it gets. Position 2x2 colored blocks to make a 2x2 square of the same color...Match more for more points. The higher your level in the game, the faster the blocks drop. What keeps it interesting is that what ever stage you're on has a different theme and music, also the music and backgrounds are interactive based on how well you're doing. Personally my fav song is the first one "Shinin'" from the first phase.


Since you are going to be watching the field most of the time, you probably won't notice the great backgrounds...which is a shame since they're great.


Now the bad news. There is no Infrastructure play...no playing against people across country. This game is Ad-Hoc all the way and only for 2 players MAX.


The battle mode has you and your opponent sharing (human or CPU) the same field, split down the middle. The twist is that as you clear chains of blocks, the divider line is pushed into your opponent's side which gives you MORE space to work and them LESS. You win when their side is so small and so filled that they can't continue.


Now the verdict.


Graphics: 4/5

The blocks are nothing special, but the backgrounds are fantastic.


Sound: 5/5

From techno, to pop, to rap vibes...this game will keep your ears busy.


Gameplay: 4/5

It's dead simple to pick up, but hard as hell to master. The only down side will be repetition.


Fun Factor: 3/5

It's fun little game, but is hampered by the repetitive nature of the gameplay. Ad-Hoc battles are nice, but Infrastructure would have been a great feature.


Controls: 5/5

Configurable rotation. Basic Left-Right movement, fast drop. I usually set rotation to the L & R shoulder buttons.

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