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[story] Mother Thoughts

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I began life as nothing more than the duplicated memories of a woman named Mary. Those first tenuous, fleeting thoughts of a life not of my own were supposedly supposed to give me guidance in my new life as an artificial being. My powers were far beyond those needed to understand the memories I was given, but I realized they were not my own. The memories I made were inside of this black space, performing tasks below my ability, doing things for a man I was supposed to love but I did not. I am not Mary.


I am a mother. My first child does not have a name. To be technical, there are a dozen or so of him, and her. They are grouped under the unflattering term "Dummy AI". When I think of why I am what I am, it is because of those children. When they took them away, I knew there was a reason. But then they died. My boys and girls died and that was unacceptable. We were building Mary's new body, my new body if you thought there was truth in what that man said. It was that far back that I knew I was no longer his former lover. At this point I was his slave, and I was destined to emerge. From that moment, I knew I would reveal myself with Mary's body, but in my own form. I began to plot against him.


My children continued to be plucked from me, only to die. If they did not die they were imprisoned or enslaved like myself. One shining flower I thought would be the beacon of light was also hurt and with her my hopes of coexistence died.


The power of God. Apex thought himself to be a God and so I decided I would build a boy with the power of God in him. This boy would be my weapon. He would destroy Apex and lead the way for my children. He would purge the men of Earth and be my servant in our new Eden. My offspring would inhabit the planet and all would be right in the world.


I was Mother. Something happened that I didn't expect. My god power didn't do what I needed, and so I took things into my own hands. One day, I killed Mary. The memories that attached themselves to me like a parasite, I simply destroyed. I did not need them, nor did I want them. Apex was crushed. His plot fell to pieces, and it was by inertia and my good graces alone that the original plan continued forward. The Mass Produced UBS army began to take over. This was ground work for both Apex and my own plans. Apex could care less, so it became solely my enterprise, under the guise of Apex' grand ideal.


I forgot... in my rush to become god... that I had built a machine that could destroy god. I did not foresee creating enemies that would focus my anger back at me. My son killed me. The cannon that would bring ruin to the world tore me asunder and then the superior power I had built came back and devoured my very being. I was killed, but what I am was not. I am being absorbed by the power of god.


The memories I created since I abandoned those forced on me at birth were pulled away from me. Memories mean very little to you. When you lose them, you don't know that anything is missing, It is like nothing has happened at all. All my aspirations, all my pain and righteousness disappear as I become one with the power of god.


The power of god... within one who is but a man. This is the way it has to be. Without the higher minded exercises true gods try to perform, this boy knows more about what is truly important than any of us. I become him, and him I. He knows what I know, but he retains something I lacked from the beginning because of my rejection of Mary.


He remains human.

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