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[story] Protest Lit (AU)

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A bit of preamble: I wanted to write a story based on the Glitched world for my protest lit class. I ended writing something that at the time seemed more suited for the BoTP 7 world, but now actually fits alright with the canon Glitched story. It's not much, the end result is very unpolished, and somewhat forced. I may go back and play with it, make it a better match for the uni, clean it up so it isn't shitty, but technically it is done.


I got an 'A' and an interesting on it :P




Walter Hardy was dissatisfied with the world around him.


He and his family, a beautiful wife and daughter, lived in a state of constant fear. Night and day, government built super soldiers called BioSuits roamed the street, patrolling for any misdeed and ensuring a constant martial state. These identical golems, created in laboratories and fused with technology, looked like everyday people, blending in with society until they sprung into action, transforming themselves into monsters and attacking with a savagery that until this day in age had never been known.


Five years ago, after decades of planning, an American corporation named Apath had successfully bred an army of weapons and used them to take over the world. From there, they established what is now called 'The Apath World Order", a unified world government. Despite the fact that they had forcefully took over, they made good on most of their promises. War was a thing of the past, as was crime and poverty.


But what about freedom? That too was becoming a part of history.


"I'm sick of this, Marta." Grumbled Walter. He had just returned home from his law firm. At 35, Walter was a some what well-to-do man.


Marta, his wife, was at the sink finishing the dishes from supper, which Walter had missed by nearly an hour. June, their 6 year old daughter, sat at the table with a piece of used paper and crayons scattered around her. One could classify their family as that of the upper middle class, under the World Order.


Two plates scrapped together under the running water, masking Marta's soft sigh.


"What are you sick of, dear?"


At this wary prompt Walter broke into fanatical rants about the government, the patrols, the stagnation of technology and science, and the loss of hope in the people.


When he had finally finished, Marta was done with the dishes, and June had left to watch a children's show in the living room.


"I'm afraid. I'm scared that I'm the only one that can see what's really going on outside." Walter took his head in his hands.


"You're thinking too hard." Marta gave him a peck on the cheek and went to the living room.




Days, weeks, months past. People like Walter continued to become more restless. Small conflicts were breaking out across the North American Continent as the more rebellious began to lash out.


Walter found himself in the middle of one of these impromptu protests. It was mostly youths, people from university. Walter was shoved and shouted over as the mass situated itself in front of a BioSuit barracks.


"What's going on?" he managed to bellow over the din of the mob.


"Pigs tore down some news stands today, threw the owners in jail," was the response of one well dressed man who happened to be near Walter.


"Freedom of the press is dead to these people!" returned Walter, now eager to be a part of the protest.


"Not if we have anything to do with it." replied the man.


Cries grew louder and soon a squad of BioSuits were in front of the crowd, all dressed in the same grey half vest with the same dead look to their eyes.


"Stop trampling on our right you fucking robots!" was screamed one person and then echoed as the crowd surged forward.


From somewhere a rock flew out, striking a female BioSuit in the head. In that moment the fate of everyone in the crowd was decided.


Metal claws replaced hands on the BioSuits which then shot out into the group, which was already fighting to get away from the immediate danger. Protesters began to drop left and right as the oversized claws crushed knees and legs to stop them in their tracks.


Some of the BioSuits pulled pistols which they then fired into the masses. None of the cyborgs had moved yet, aside from the one female, who had bandaged her head and then returned to the line.


Walter stood stunned as everyone around him fled. A bullet tore through the shoulder of the well dressed man, who spun and hit the ground.


In minutes the crowd was gone, only those who had been put down by the BioSuits remaining. Walter stood there alone, the only one left on his feet.


The twelve approached him. His fight was gone. Those twelve had broke up the nearly one hundred people in a matter of minutes, and there wasn't anything they could do.


"Uh uh..." Walter couldn't do anything but stutter.


The female who had been hit in the head broke apart from the rest and stood in front of him.


"As a lawyer, you should know that this sort of meeting is illegal, Mister Hardy."


"Ah...." words still failed him.


"You'll be marked down as a possible danger to the World Order and watched for what is likely to be the remainder of you life."


She gave him strong slap on the back.


"Don't try and organize any more meetings like this, or you'll be sorry."


She rejoined the other eleven and they, along with paramedics who were just arriving, began to assist the injured.




Walter knew there was something wrong with the government, and the world around him. He had felt it within himself, but now he had seen it first hand.


Could he leave his wife and daughter behind the fight it? Or would he be content to live out his days, with his loves but fearful that each day the government could come down on them for any reason.


He didn't know. He couldn't know.


Walter took his head in his hands, wishing that the world could be so easily held.

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