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[tech] Prosthetics Overview

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This is the orignal prosthetics overview I wrote up about a year ago. It's probably somewhat out of date, but luckily the prosthetics system has remained one of the more interesting and thus unchanged ideas in the Glitched universe. It helps that it's somewhat easily explained, too, so I don't make things up that I forget easily.




The prosthetics system was originally designed as a way for BioSuits to easily exchange damaged limbs on the fly. From there the concept snow balled into an easily changeable weapon system designed specifically for BioSuits. While replacement arms were produced and used by the Type 05, 06 and 07 models, the prosthetic system was used mainly as a hand to hand combat weapon, in its original form.


The first prosthetics were completely mechanical. They were produced in any number of places and plugged into interface hubs found on the Type 05, 06, 07 and 08's shoulders. Since the first system was only found on the Prototype models, only a few variations on claws and hands were made, in an effort to save funding for later projects.


The hub functioned simply; if a biological prosthetic was attached, it would relay the original signals from the brain and make it function like normal. For the mechanical attachments, it would convert the brain signals into something the limbs could understand. It was a simple and effective system that was emulated throughout the body between mechanical and biological systems. The biggest flaw in the system was that, even though it was relatively easy to replace a limb if it was damaged, if the hub was damaged, the BioSuit was unable to do anything about it. It wouldn't heal, and it wasn't replaceable. The only way to fix it was to have access to the Underground repair facility. Considering the proposed tasks that were to be given to biosuits, insertion into enemy territory, and any number of other long range duties, this was very dangerous oversight.


To solve these issues, the Underground developed a new system (the production type system) that gave roughly the same performance, but was more reliable and less likely to become a hazard. It was actually very ingenious; instead of a large bulky hub, the prosthetic would connect by growing onto the person, though it would actually be more accurate to say that the BioSuit grew onto the prosthetic. It would connect the same as with a prosthetic and the hub, but on a smaller scale. If it was damaged, it could be repaired or healed by the unit on it's own. A new line of special prosthetics were made especially for it, giving it a healthy variation of tool in addition to the old prosthetics line, which it was backwards compatible with. The new system would simply emulate the old hub. For all the new line's supposed superiority, only the Type 08 used the system exclusively. A variation of the system was used in the NewType BioSuits, but it was used as a compliment to the new system that was also used.


The Block System, without the Production Type system, could hardly even be called a prosthetics line. Instead of letting arms be rapidly replaced, it created variations of weapons on the spot using tiny building blocks. These blocks, which were predecessors of nano technology to be used in the future, allowed the arms to transform into a variety of preprogrammed weapons. For example, the Type 10 can create a flame thrower. This works because the blocks chemically alter blood into a flammable liquid. This brings up a drawback of the system: it cannot create ammunition, so while ballistic weapons are available, without a supply of ammo, it is fairly useless. Claws and other melee weapons are the most efficient use of the Block System. With the variation of the Production Type system, however, Block System equipped models can still use old type prosthetics. This solves the problem of damage in the field and the lack of effective projectile weapons.


The last system is the Omega Type Prosthetic standard. An off shoot of the newtype system, it uses Nano technology to do the same things the blocks did, but in an incredibly more efficient way. Because the Nano Machines are self replicating, it can create its own ammunition as well. The new system does not support old type prosthetics, but because it can repair itself in a nearly instantaneously fashion, to put in support would have been completely redundant. The Omega Type standard is the most deadly and most advanced prosthetic system, although calling it a prosthetic system is more of a formality than anything else.

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