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[tech] Apocalypse Gun Overview

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Apath Corporation Global Superiority Apocalypse Gun.


A little known fact about the ExtraType 12 is that initially it was supposed to be the replacement body for one Stephan Apex. However, the designs were only vaporware, so it was only through the work of Kathryn Engelmacht that the suit was actually built.


This explains why such a powerful, unparalleled weapon was built into Glitch. Originally, the Apocalypse Gun was to be Apex's final solution to any conflict on the planet.


The first time the gun was fired was not in its full form. Coaxed out by the OmegaType 13, the Apocalypse Gun bypassed a necessary part of the activation, and because of that was much more devastating to the user than was ever intended. The reason being that all of the energy used for the gun was syphoned from the internal BioSuit reactor. The massive drain is what was responsible for the self induced coma.


In its true form, four large collectors absorb light and transform it into cohesive energy. The resulting blast is somewhat more stable than the one drawn from the BioSuit reactor, and has a paltry 15.3 second recharge time, instead of the nearly five days it would take to use energy from the reactor again. It is also far more powerful. The reactor blast made NeoSeattle a dead city, but had the collectors been used there would be little more than dust particles and flat land for as far as the eye could see.


The missing stage which allows the collectors to be activated is actually the virus system. Because it on a higher tier than any normal BioSuit can go before encountering PsychoGlitch Syndrome, the OmegaType made the incorrect assumption that the coma was a safety precaution. In actuality, the only thing stopping the system from working as intended was the OmegaType's own interference with the ExtraType's AI.


The ExtraType learned that the power of the Multiple Tier Virus System was not successively stronger virus stages, but instead was several distinctly different forms of the virus system that could be accessed independently from one another.


By immediately skipping to the correct stage of the virus, the ExtraType could successfully deploy the collectors.


Besides the viral influence on the collectors, the weapon itself is comprised of components formed with the Block System. The only trick to activating it is using the correct Tier of the Virus system. It can be forced by the OmegaType without viral activation, but as we've seen this is less than efficient.

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