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[Review - GBA] Final Fantasy IV Advance

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Let me say this first off. THIS IS NOT FINAL FANTASY IV. This game is Final Fantasy II released here in the US.


Q: But Outery, aren't they the same thing?

A: NO. Final Fantasy IV is hard as fuck, just play the PSX version.


Okay what SquareEnix has done is to improve the graphics and make corrections to the dialog from the US release, Final Fantasy II.



I should have known something wasn't kosher when the FF2 box appeared on the box for this version. I should have known this was not going to be the translated Japanese version that appeared on Final Fantasy Anthonlogy for the PSX. But I didn't realize it until it took me only a few hours to get from the beginning to Mysidia.


First off, Cecil starts at level 12. FUCKING LEVEL 12! Every thing is too goddamn easy when you start at level 12! Fuck I was able to beat the first 3 bosses without using one potion. The PSX version I got killed my the MistDragon TWICE.




Oh to gripe my panties even more...the townsfolk actually use MODERN phrases like "Totally awesome" and crap like that. I'm half expecting someone to say "ZOMG! JOOR THAT DKNIT!". It was funny in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, it is NOT FUNNY in Final Fantasy.


Graphics: 4/5

Improved over the original and PSX trasnlation of FF4.


Sound: 4/5

Faithfully reproduced in stereo, UNLIKE the PSX trasnlation of FF4.


Gameplay: 1/5

Fucking suck...too goddamn easy.


Fun Factor: 2/5

See Gameplay score.


Controls: 3/5

Nothing to write home about. Since the GBA has no X & Y buttons, Start and Select were subsitiuted. Other than that, exatcly the same as the SNES & PSX translation of FF4.


The verdict: To quote Fawful: "I HAVE RAGE!!" :banghead:


This is not the REAL Final Fantasy 4. This is the US Final Fantasy 2.

You've been warned.








I may be pissed that this isn't the REAL Final Fantasy IV, but I still loved Final Fantasy II when it was around...and the only FF on the SNES.

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Lets get a few things straight: This is the third US translation of FFIV. It is not a correction of the original FFIIUS translation. That said, it is also not the awkwardly 'hardcore' though still flawed PSX translation. This is actually a port of the wonderswan color remake.


It is, I would say, in the happy middle ground. It is lighter than the PSX version, but it is not so dumbed down as to be insulting, ala FFIIUS.


Also, you forget that while it is an easier remake, it is not a port of the japanese easy type. All of the original commands remain, in addition to a few new ones towards the end of the game, IIRC. At the end of the game, there is a dynamic party, which means chara swaping for the final battle. In order to make up for previously deseased / unusuable characters from the original, an extra mission has been set up in game to gather ultimate weapons / armor for those characters, in addition to a bonus dungeon after the final boss.


I think to be fair, you should spend as much time cursing at the FF I / II dawn of souls for being way too easy.


Here's the truth of the matter, if it matter so damn much, you can play the various previous releases that are hard and blah blah blah. All of them are out there, in various forms, barring FF III, and that has rom-hack so there's that too.


I think it's silly to want the exact same game for a decade and a half. I personally love this version because I can sink time into it when ever and not have to worry about getting hammered when I haven't played for weeks at a time. I'm sure this came into their strategy when they made it: people don't want to kill themselves over a portable title.


I guess what I'm saying is I like it a lot and I disagree with you :banghead:

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Okay then it's FF4WS. That still doesn't affect what I said originally because it has on the box that "Previously released as FINAL FANTASY II for the Super NES, enhanced with all-new features!" ...I tend to go with that.


But what do I know? After all I read boxes...what the fuck was I thinking? XD


Okay, feigned assholiness aside. I didn't like the PSX version because of slowness, mono-sound, and bad load times...and I never played the Wonderswan version (and I'll trout-slap you if you say "get an emulator") so I'm biased to the SNES version. What pressed my buttons is how easy it is compared to the SNES (though I am looking back almost 15 years now, so it may have seemed harder to a 12-year old Outery) and the modernization of the dialogue...more the mondernization of the dialogue.


I still laughed at "YOU SPOONY BARD!" and I will every time they release it here. I plan on buying FF1+2:DOS and will probably end up bitching about it too. I'll also probably buy FF12 no matter how god awful it is...just not FF11:O because I have Guild Wars and still have yet to play it. What would probably make me buy a PS3 will be FF7:TD is they actually make it beyond a tech demo.


This is like FF8 to me. I may complain and bitch, but I still loved playing it...despite the card battles, which I still fucking hate.

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No, I didn't play it on wonderswan. Wonderswan sucks XD


And, well, it was released as FFII in the US XD


By the way, FUCK YEAH. Finally someone who things that the PSX version is fucked speed wise. EVERYBODY on SA was complaining about lags in the GBA but said that the PSX was fast as shit. What kind of insanity is that??

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Well i have'nt play the remake of ff4, 2 or what ever the fuck you want to call it. However i do know that if you play the psx version prepare to get you ass kick numerous times. FF 1 on dos is easy enough for a begginer rpger to play, however ff2 if you still don't know what your doing kiss your ass goodbye.

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I tried it the kind of wrong way. it only feels like they took the easy version of the enemies statistics and doubled their HP. At least you can remove the filthy ninja out of your party at the end.

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