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the little scorpion

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Alright heres a little story that im writing in class every week it will be updated


The day I’m about to tell you about was a very strange day indeed. I all started out with me sitting on my couch watching the television. When suddenly a boomerang flew through my window and hit me on the head. I just sat their stunned when my friend Jason walked through the door to my house. Still in a dazed stage I stood up and said “Dude were going to the Outback Steak House”. So we started to head out the Outback Steak House. When a scorpion jumps out of the bushes and say “This is a stick up. Give me all you money”. However since the scorpion was only about 5 inches big we never heard it and stepped on it.

* * * * * * *

Coincidently that scorpion had a bad life ever since the tiny little scorpion was born it was made fun of its entire life. Then when it turned 2 the little scorpion started a fight with the village elder and after a long 30 second fight the little scorpion prevailed. Because the little scorpion won he became the village elder, however since the little scorpion did a victory dance on the corpse of the dead elder the rest of the tribe banished him to the remote city of New York. Sadly the little scorpion left the village and headed out to New York from hmmm... lets just say Africa. The little scorpion was scared out in the jungle of the desert. The little scorpion had a reason to be scared for survival of the fittest was equivocal here. How is it equivocal you may ask well how much do you think a 2 year old scorpion would know about survival of the fittest. Well let’s just skip past this next part because it’s actually kind of boring because all the little scorpion get thirsty wander through the desert and comes upon a small oasis. Well the small scorpion ran up to the water and of course had to have drink and drank. Then out of the little scorpions Scotoma a mermaid appeared from the depths of the waters like a torpedo. The mermaid swam up to the little scorpion and said “Stop drinking my water stupid little scorpion” The little scorpion just stood their staring at the mermaid indisposed. Then she picked up the little scorpion and threw him in some odd direction.

Oddly enough another person came up to that exact oasis after the scorpion had his first flying lesson. A lone man who thought it was just a mirage started gulping down water like crazy. After he was refreshed enough to continue on the mermaid popped out the water screamed “PUT IT BACK” and shot three Ruminated tacos at the man thus causing him to explode the mermaid diving back into the water annoyed.

The little scorpion flew through the air landing in a strange place. “I… I think I’m in New York” The little scorpion thought. However the little scorpion was very wrong the mermaid threw him in Paris as a matter of fact if the mermaid had thrown him towards New York he would have landed in the ocean and drown. Slowly the little scorpion crawled out into the city it was not long before he stumbled on an insignia of a crab. The little scorpion made his way into the little build that held the crab sign because the little scorpion thought that maybe just maybe some fellow coruscation’s would help him out. However the crabs didn’t help the little scorpion and challenge him to a battle yes a “CRAB BATTLE”.

A crab battle is one of the most dreaded battles in the entire world. The last person to fight a mangrove crab lost horribly. Because as we all know the crabs are on of the most brutal creatures on the earth. Also the crabs have been in a long standing war with the lobsters. The crabs trying to start genocide on the lobsters however the trout are somehow trying to stop them.

The little scorpion started the battle trying to prove it was the dominant coruscation. The battle was fierce. Each using a rapier in their claws when suddenly the crab broke the little scorpion’s forte. “It… it broke forte” The little scorpion said. However it was to late as the crab won the battle by taking a monkey wrench and smashed the little scorpion. So the is the end of the sad tale of the little scorpion. So now you may be asking what the intro has to do with the entire story. Well the answer is nothing it was just there to throw you off.

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Now as we all remember the little scorpion though he was in New York how ever he was stuck in Paris. Now the little scorpion after facing a horrible defeat to a crab using a rapier and a monkey wrench (Because the little scorpion found out a little too late that the crab are not only skill auto mechanics but also even more skilled with fighting with a monkey wrench). Now the little scorpion is studying on Calisthenics so he can finally beat the crab.

The little scorpion couldn’t believe his defeat over the crab. “How could it have broken my forte?” said the little scorpion as it practiced its claw, claw, sting, sting combo. After a good twenty minuets of practicing his little combo the little scorpion was interrupted by a crashing sound coming for the door. When no soon the only thin the little scorpion saw was a black shadow coming for the door. The shadow said to the little scorpion “If you plan on beating those buffoon crabs you need more practice.” Slowly but surely two lobsters came into the little scorpion’s apartment. The first lobster came up to the little scorpion and said “I’m androg” Then the little scorpion asked “why is it androg?”

“Well” That simple said the lobster staring down at the little scorpion’s bead gleaming eyes and then giving him a claws up. “It’s simply because I’m an Androgynous”

“Oh yes and I’m pwaned by a crab” The other lobster said scuttling towards the little scorpion. So now the little scorpion had two new friend in the city of Paris. However the little scorpion had to find his friend Professor Peyote the astrology professor but didn’t know because the little scorpion forgot his baggage and apparel in um… where was it... oh yes Africa.

So now the little scorpion trained with the lobster’s battalion so he could at the very least breakeven with the crabs. The little scorpion however had it very bad. The little scorpion trained and trained and finally managed to beat the lobster (Three at once to be exact).

So now the little scorpion sat at his condo when one of the lobsters can into the room. “little scorpion” the lobster said “I here by Accolade you are now know and forever will be know as the little scorpion the amphibious monster of the deep.” As the lobster said this he took his rapier and touched the little scorpion claws. “May your stinger be your guide” The lobster said “and oh yeah get ready for the biennial crab lobster fight because its tomorrow” The little scorpion stood there dazed as the lobster scurried out of the condo. “A war tomorrow” the little scorpion thought to himself “I can win in a war.” So then the little scorpion walked to the closest dock and found one of the lobsters. The little scorpion sat by him wondering what fate had in store for him.

And at this time all the little scorpion could think is New York sucks. However since he wasn’t in New York it would actually be Paris sucks.

The lobster looked over at the little scorpion and back out at sea. Nothing could stop the war from happening the next day nothing. The docks were all quiet when suddenly a crashing noise came from next to him. The little scorpion looked down in the waters in horror as Pwaned by a crab had an Anchor dropped on him. The little scorpion looked up to see to crabs sitting there laughing and the odd thing that just happened to go through the little scorpion head was “Oh my god Pwaned by a crab was just pwaned by a crab.”

The little scorpion furious charged the two crab and pulled out his rapier to engage in a crab battle. After another long strenuous fight the little scorpion managed to take one of the crabs down. He didn’t see the other one with the monkey wrench. The little scorpion turned around and stood there in horror as the crab held the monkey wrench. Then after about 15 seconds of them just standing there the crab proceeded to smash the little scorpion into little little pieces.

Alright I know i said once a week but part 2 is done already so I just decided to post it now (Get that damned post count up) So i swear this time its gonna be next week when part 3 comes. And please give me some frickin input on what you think

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